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Вам нужен качественный персональный прокси для работы в Instagram, Вконтакте или Авито? Или вы увлекаетесь букмекерскими ставками или покером? Или же вам необходим приватный прокси для решения других задач и обеспечения анонимного присутствия в сети?


Internet channel - 100mb/s


Proxies are selected from 150 different subnets and more than 70 networks

Technical support department

24/7 of technical support

Refund or replacement

After you have received an e-mail with your data refund possible in 24 hours, also you have possibility to replace proxy if there are technical issues with it.

IPv4 Standard proxy protocol

USA Proxy 0.75   USD / proxy.
English Proxy 2.25   USD / proxy.
German Proxy 1.46   USD / proxy.
French Proxy 1.46   USD / proxy.
Netherlands Proxy 1.13   USD / proxy.
Italian Proxy 2.18   USD / proxy.
Bulgarian Proxy 2.18   USD / proxy.
Russian Proxy 0.75   USD / proxy.
Ukrainian Proxy 0.6   USD / proxy.
Kazakhstan Proxy 2.25   USD / proxy.
Canadian Proxy 2.18   USD / proxy.
Indian Proxy 2.18   USD / proxy.

Works with all sites and programs.

IPv6 New proxy protocol

( RU, USA, UA, GE, NL, FR, CAN, KK )

Our proxies work with any sites and programs

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program will allow you to earn from all payments, attracted by you clients. To participate in the program, you just need to attract new clients on a coupon, which gives a discount on the first purchase. The user is permanently assigned to you and from all his payments you will be paid a percentage

To start cooperation, you need to get registered in our system and get your first coupon in the "Affiliate" section.
Partner fee can be move on QIWI, WebMoney and Yandex.Money, or used to pay for any service.

Private proxy IPV4 and IPV6 from Proxy-Seller for all purposes. Buy stable dedicated proxies Socks5 / HTTP(s) of large-scale providers from all over the world.

Proxy-Seller company will provide you with quality proxies at very competitive prices! Using our services once, you can no longer do without them. because we provide our clients with extremely efficient IPv6 and IPv4 dedicated proxy.

Why Proxy-Seller?

Proxy-Seller has a lot of advantages that many competitors do not have:

  • proxy for any convenient time;
  • standard packages by piece and wholesale (you can determine the necessary quantity yourself);
  • technical support 365/24/7;
  • competent help with settings;
  • excellent flexibility - 70 networks and 150 subnetworks;
  • multifunctional user control panel;
  • summarized discounts; regular promotional offers;
  • payment in a convenient way;
  • all necessary data is sent to e-mail within 5 minutes;
  • service anywhere in the world.

Our large and friendly team cares about you, so we offer clean proxies with high speed and an excellent history that reliably hide your data.

Our proxies are perfect for:

  • for SEO-promotion (including for working with Key Collector);
  • for work in social networks;
  • people who make bets and visit online bookmakers;
  • players of online games (including bots);
  • Webmasters;
  • for traffic arbitrage;
  • for posting ads on CraigsList
  • for simple users, surfer, who watch videos, bypass restrictions.