Setting up a proxy in Texau for social media

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Texau is a powerful platform for automating tasks on social media and other online platforms. It offers over 200 automation scripts, known as Spices, and 50 workflows called Recipes, making it ideal for streamlining business processes and data collection from various pages.

When it comes to using Texau, proxies are highly recommended. Automation tools can sometimes raise red flags with platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, potentially leading to IP blocking. Additionally, geo-restrictions or blocks on certain platforms are not uncommon. Setting up a proxy can help you avoid these issues and ensure the smooth operation of Texau.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in TexAu

How to set up a proxy in Texau

  1. Click on your account icon and navigate to the “Account” section in the menu.


  2. Navigate to the “Proxy” page and click on the “New Proxy” button.


  3. Set a name for your proxy and enter the IP-address and port in the designated fields.


  4. For private proxies, enter your username and password.


  5. Choose the platforms for which this proxy will work by default (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter).


  6. Test the proxy connection to ensure it's working properly by pressing the “Test Proxy” button.


  7. Once the test is successful, click the “Add Proxy” button to save your settings.


That's it! Now you can use Texau anonymously and efficiently, avoiding any potential IP blocking issues.