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The Spotify music service is not available in CIS and many other countries. Moreover, the countries are full of Spotify fans who do not want to listen to music through alternative platforms. We will tell you how to register an account on the site of this blocked service and how to configure the proxy in Spotify.

Proxies for registration in Spotify

When trying to register with a Ukrainian IP address, for example, the platform responds with its inaccessibility in Ukraine.

Spotify interface

No need to be upset, you can get an account in another way. It is necessary to change the country in Spotify, simply connecting through a proxy server. Use the settings of the operating system or the settings of the browser itself. Almost all existing browsers use system settings - Mozilla Firefox has its own.

Instructions for using the Spotify proxy to register:

  1. Find the proxy server of the country where the service is available - we recommend taking a server from the USA (preferably an elite one).
  2. Open the system settings, move the “Use proxy server” switch, specify the address and port of the server.
  3. Open the tab in the browser, go to the Spotify website, get a free account.

After that, the proprietary client of the music platform will be installed on the computer. Log in with a username and password (the username is your email address), start listening to music and working with playlists.


Spotify proxy configuration in the application

The application will work for two weeks, not paying attention to the Ukrainian IP-address, as we taken it as an example before. Two weeks later, the performance will be impaired. To prevent this, you need to change the country in the Spotify application:

  1. Launch the application, go to the menu “Edit - Preferences”.
  2. Go down to the bottom and open advanced settings.
  3. In the "Proxy server" section, specify the type of proxy (in the drop-down list), IP address and port - recommendations on choosing a server are given in the previous section of the article.
  4. Click the "Update proxy" button, restart Spotify.

Everything is ready - now the application will be able to work with a free account without restrictions on the duration of use.


True fans of the platform are encouraged to use paid proxies. They will please you with an instant response, stable operation and high data transfer speed. As for the free proxies in the Spotify settings, they can upset with unstable access and a high ping rate.


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