Proxy settings for different sites through the Proxifier program

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In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at how to configure several proxies at the same time. As an example, we will use the Google Chrome browser with proxy servers.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up multiple proxies

With such simple actions, we have achieved the desired result. Thus, in this program, you can specify any desired site to gain access from a certain proxy server.

For heavy tasks or constant web surfing, we recommend using individual proxies with 24/7 technical support.

  1. So, let`s move on to the main thing, open the Proxifer program, click Proxy Servers.

    open the Proxifer program, click Proxy Servers

  2. The following window opens, click on "Add ..."

    Click on «Add»

  3. The following fields must be filled with data from the proxy, IP, port, login and password for authentication. These data can be found in the e-mail after the purchase of personal proxies or in your personal account on
  4. oki.jpg

  5. After this, you get the following picture with the settings:

    Press «OK». Then click «No»

  6. Click on "OK" and then click "No". We have configured the proxy server, it remains to make the proxy output to the desired site. Click on the tab "Proxification Rules"

    Click on the tab «Proxification Rules»

  7. Here we will configure the proxy with the output to the web page: click "Add ...".

    Click on «Add»

  8. The following window opens, fill in "Target hosts" and "Action". In Target Hosts" indicate the name of the site, for example, Please note that the site must be indicated through the symbol *, and the name of the web page directly with its domain. In "Actions" specify the path through the proxy. This will be our settings after the changes.


  9. If the window with the logs is green, then the proxy for a particular site is configured successfully and ready for use. If red, you need to check the settings again or contact support for the site on which the proxy server was purchased. In our case, the proxy is configured correctly.
  10. Let's check the proxy in the proxy checker on, on which we set the output from the proxy.

    Check the proxy in the proxy checker on

  11. Done, the proxy for the desired site is connected. Now the configured IP only works on this site, on the others your provider address is displayed directly. There are only a few steps left to achieve the desired result. We perform all the same actions that were considered in this article. After installing the second proxy, we return to the "Proxification rules" in order to specify a different site for access with the proxy. The action will take place through the second proxy, let's change the display on the site, here is how the final proxy server settings should look in this window.
  12. Now, check 2 of our proxies simultaneously on the and checkers.