Configuring a proxy in Epic Privacy Browser

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Epic Privacy Browser offers the capability to use a proxy server that conceals the user's real IP address and encrypts DNS queries. The platform blocks all attempts by scripts to track personal data. Setting up a private proxy in Epic Browser can be done through the system settings of the Windows and MacOS operating systems. Proxies can also facilitate access to blocked resources such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and more. By default, Epic Privacy Browser does not save browsing history, and sites, links, and certificates associated with the main source are deleted when the browser is closed.

Step-by-step proxy setup in Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser includes built-in privacy and security protections, including the use of a proxy to anonymize your web surfing. Since Epic Browser does not have its own functionality for connecting through private proxy servers, proxy setup with authentication can be accomplished by configuring the proxy settings in the Windows OS. Note that the configured IP address will work for the entire OS, including all programs and applications on your device. To set up a private proxy server with authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Install and launch Epic Privacy Browser. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Settings” from the list.


  2. In the “Settings” menu, go to the “System” section.


  3. In the opened window, select the submenu “Open your computer’s proxy settings”.


  4. A system settings window will open where you need to activate the “Use a proxy server” switch and enter the proxy details: IP address and port. To save the setting, click the “Save” button.


  5. After saving the settings, when making a request in Epic Privacy Browser, a proxy server authorization window will appear where you need to enter the username and password, then click the “Sign in” button.


The proxy server is now successfully set up in Epic Privacy Browser and ready for use, ensuring private and secure web surfing online.