Guide to setting up a proxy in Wrath Sneaker Bot

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The Wrath Sneaker Bot is a powerful automation tool for buying sneakers on specialized platforms. It provides seamless access to sneaker drops, enabling immediate response to releases for quick purchases. However, these platforms may flag unusual activity from a single IP as suspicious. To counter this, integrating a proxy into the Wrath AIO bot is advisable for action anonymization. This also enables the purchase of goods at more favorable prices, as online store costs often vary by region. In this article, we will provide detailed instructions on setting up a proxy in the Wrath Sneaker Bot, facilitating unrestricted and hassle-free sneaker purchases.

Step-by-step proxy setup in Wrath AIO Bot

Setting up a proxy in Wrath AIO is straightforward. Here's a quick guide:

  1. In the Wrath Sneaker Bot, locate the globe icon on the sidebar and click on it.


  2. A window will pop up where you should input your proxy data. Enter it in the following format: ip:port:username:password.


  3. After entering the proxy details, it's a good practice to test the proxy within the sneaker bot. This ensures that the bot can connect to the proxy server without issues. Simply click the "Test" button found at the bottom of the page to do this.


  4. Once the test is complete, click the “Save” button. Your settings will be stored, and the proxy will now be listed in the “Proxy List” window.


With these steps completed, your raffle bot is ready to be launched with the proxy configuration in place. You can now proceed with the purchase process or any other activities you planned to use the bot for, without worrying about being blocked.