Configuring a proxy in Antik Browser

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Antik Browser is a free anti-detect browser with a straightforward interface designed for secure and anonymous handling of multiple accounts. It supports platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok, making it convenient for use with betting sites, crypto exchanges, and for arbitrage. Antik Browser is compatible with macOS, macOS (M1), and Windows operating systems. A key feature of Antik is the ability to create and customize fingerprints for each platform and share them with other Antik anti-detect users.

Proxy configuration in Antik Browser

Using proxy servers in Antik Browser ensures a high level of anonymity and privacy for users, which is essential for managing multiple accounts. Security systems that identify and block profiles using the same IP address can be circumvented by configuring proxy servers in Antik Browser, offering a secure solution for managing one or more accounts.

Step-by-step proxy setup in Antik Browser

  1. Open the Antik Browser on your device. Click “Create” in the opening window to start setting up a new profile.


  2. Assign a profile name and folder name in the respective fields for easy identification.


  3. In the “Proxy” section, click on the “New Proxy” tab to open the proxy settings window.


  4. Enter the proxy details as prompted: IP address, port, and if using private proxies, also enter the username and password. A successful connection is indicated by a green color. To finalize the setup, click “Create”.


The proxy configuration in Antik Browser is now complete, enhancing security levels and reducing the risk of account blocks on various online platforms.