How to set up a proxy in the FireX extension

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Security and anonymity on the internet are crucial for all users, focusing not just on privacy in browsers but also on protection against fraud and theft of payment and personal data. Common methods to maintain online privacy include using proxy servers or special browser add-ons.

The FireX browser extension, initially designed for Mozilla Firefox, is also compatible with other browsers, including Google Chrome. Its technical benefits include providing users with high-speed proxies that have low ping, ad-blocking capabilities, rapid IP changes, and the ability to bypass regional restrictions and censorship. The installation and configuration of FireX are straightforward, and we will guide you through using FireX on your computer in the following instructions.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in FireX

Step-by-step proxy setup in FireX

  1. Upon successful installation, the FireX icon will appear at the top of your browser. Click this icon to start managing the extension.


  2. To add your proxies, navigate to the “Home” tab and click the “+” located in the upper right part of the window.


  3. A new window will open where you'll need to select the protocol type for the new internet connection, enter the address and port of the new proxy, and provide authentication details if you're using private proxies.


  4. After filling in all the required fields, click the “Add” button located below.


  5. Proceed to the “Websites” tab, where you can configure a list of site restrictions. Here, you can manually enter site addresses for the proxy server or copy and paste them from a pre-prepared list. Remember to click the "Use blacklist" checkbox. Once you complete the configuration, your proxy list will be ready to use.


With these steps, you can restrict access to certain sites while using a proxy in FireX for Chrome. You have the option to switch between different IP addresses added to the extension list or purchase access to FireX servers. Configuring your proxy connection as described above ensures that all your traffic is routed through the proxy server, enhancing your online privacy, personal security, and anonymity while browsing the web.