Setting up a proxy in AntBrowser

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AntBrowser is a versatile anti-detect browser based on Chromium that allows managing an unlimited number of accounts on social media and other services from a single device. Each new profile in the browser is identified by websites as a separate user, providing a high level of security for accounts. The intuitive interface simplifies account management, and the ability to configure proxy servers significantly increases the chance of avoiding blocks during multi-accounting and automation of actions.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in AntBrowser

Step-by-step proxy setup in AntBrowser

  1. To start using a proxy, you need to create a profile. Navigate to the “My Profiles” tab and click the “New Profile” button.


  2. In the new window, name your profile and select “Specify Manually” in the “Proxy” section. Use the question mark icon to help with entering the proxy in the correct format.


  3. If you are using a mobile proxy, check the corresponding box, which will allow you to add a link for changing the IP address.


  4. After entering all the data, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the settings window.


  5. The newly created profile with the configured proxy will appear in the “My Profiles” tab. To start working with it, click the “Run” button.


This completes the proxy server setup for an individual profile. The browser's functionality also allows you to upload a list of proxies and assign them to a specific profile. This option can be useful if you need to load multiple proxies and distribute them among team members. When creating a profile, the user can select this list, and a proxy will be randomly assigned to them.

How to import a list of proxies into AntBrowser

  1. Navigate to the “My Proxy” tab and click the “Add” button.


  2. In the new window, set a name to your list, then add proxies in one of the available formats in the field below, and click the “Add” button. If access to this list is needed by multiple team members, check the “Shared for team” box.


  3. Done, now when creating a new profile, the user can select this list under the “Proxy” section, from which a proxy will be automatically assigned.


AntBrowser offers extensive functionality for setting up proxies, which plays a crucial role in ensuring effective teamwork and guaranteeing anonymity and security of accounts.