How to farm Google Ads accounts correctly

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Why do you need Google ads at all? Many people use this service because Google ads give you the opportunity for business improvement by running ads. You can also provide similar services to other people using your accounts and you can get good financial benefits with minimal investment. Moreover, a good Google account allows you to get good financial limits on your account, which will give you the opportunity to comfortably run ads and scale your own or someone else's product.

And if you want to put this process on the stream, you will need several Google ads accounts, because to effectively run ads bypassing Google's limits without spending a lot of money, you need to have more than one account. It is a kind of bypassing Google's rules, but it works, so users can use it for their needs if they follow some important rules and algorithms of farming.

In this regard, farming Google ads accounts is an integral part of their preparation for running ads. As is the case with Facebook ads, without pre-farming, results simply won't be achieved. Therefore, we propose to deal with how to farm Google ads accounts, as well as with other popular questions like what antidetect browser and proxies for Google ads we need.

What is Google Ads account farming and why is it important

But why bother farming Google ad accounts at all, you may ask. The point is that you need to farm a Google account to get Billing, which is a certain credit limit that you can use to run ads without investing your own money. So, we get a situation in which we invest a minimum of money and a little effort, and in the end, we get a good financial profit with a reasonable investment of time. Sounds quite tempting, but unfortunately, it's not that simple. Google only gives this privilege to trusted accounts, and recently registered accounts with no history of activity will not be able to get this option. So in answer to the question of whether can I run Google ads on a new account, the answer is - unfortunately, no.

So do not be discouraged, because the account can be made trusted, investing in it a certain amount of time and some effort, and you will need a fairly minimal investment per account.

You should also realize that the billings that Google provides, although attractive because you can use them almost without investing your own money, are still not so huge that you can run large-scale advertising campaigns from one account. But if we try to find a way out of this situation, we can just get the same good amount of money for an advertising campaign through the creation of not one account, but multiple Google ads accounts. It would seem that the way out of the situation is simple - create a lot of fake Google accounts and get that very coveted first bill on each of them. But here not everything is not so simple, because Google itself is not interested in the fact that users without hindrance can bypass its restrictions and use these funds for their needs. Therefore, you need to be prepared that the process of farming Google ads accounts is not always 100% successful, and according to rough statistics, about half of the accounts in the process of farming are blocked for one reason or another. But the other half, which will go through all the stages and get the coveted Billing will work under your needs and bring you financial benefits. So, it is rather the peculiarities of the very sphere of Google ads farming accounts, and you should be calm about it from the start.

This material is dedicated to that, in order to tell you exactly what preparation procedures should be carried out, what you should buy before you start farming, and how the process of farming itself looks like, breaking it down into specific days. First, let's deal with the preparatory measures - what we need to buy or get ready before we start farming accounts.

What should I prepare before starting the warm-up

Before you start working on account warming, you need to prepare a few more things. Among people working in this field, it is simply called consumables. What kind of consumables will we need?

  • Anti-detect browsers: since each account needs a unique device fingerprint and IP address, first of all, we need software that can do this. For this purpose we need antidetect browsers, there are many options on the market, but the functionality they provide is quite similar. We can recommend you to try Ads Power, Multilogin, Gologin, or Dolphin, one of the most convenient and easy-to-learn antidetect browsers for Google ads.
  • Proxy: You will need a separate IP address for each account in the antidetect profiles. It is recommended to stick to the principle of 1 proxy per 1 account (in case you use static proxies), because if you put more accounts on one proxy, you may have problems with accounts in the future. It is recommended to choose between mobile or residential proxies for Google ads if your budget allows. Saving money on proxies can also have a detrimental effect on your accounts later on, so it is recommended to choose good proxies for Google ads. The most cost-effective option is mobile proxies, as you get a large pool of IP addresses with rotation, and in fact, you save much more than when buying static IP addresses. You can always find the necessary proxies on our website.
  • SMS-activation services: for each account, you will need at least one-time SMS for account verification. It is also recommended to link an individual phone number to each account, and specify it in the future when working on the account, it also increases the trust factor of the account.
  • Payment systems: you will need cards for payment, specifically you will need to find services that can be linked to Google ads. It is problematic to give specific recommendations here, as it is always advisable to look for new payment services, which were previously used as little as possible for Google ads, and the lists of recommendations of such payment systems are constantly changing. But as an option you can try Multicards, eCards, EPN, or YeezyPay.

You can also just buy a Google ad account, but here as with Facebook accounts, you cannot know how thoroughly the accounts have been warmed up beforehand, nor how many people such accounts have been given to at the same time. Always remember that not all account suppliers are honest and therefore the best option is to farm Google ad accounts. Since there are enough different factors in the farming process that can lead to accounts being blocked, it is highly recommended not to buy accounts, but to prepare them yourself.

Based on all of the above, it is difficult to say what would be the optimal budget for Google ads account preparation, as each user's situation will be different, for example, whether you will buy a subscription to the anti-detection browser to increase the number of profiles or you will be enough to start with free ones, what type of proxy you will use and so on. But on average, it's at least a few dollars per account.

After you have prepared everything in advance, you can finally start the process of farming accounts.

How to collect cookies for Google Ads

The collection of cookies for Google ads should be given special attention because before we describe the basic algorithm of farming, you need to understand what this process is and what role cookies play here. The point is that the whole process of farming Google ads accounts is to convince Google's algorithms that a real person works on the account for a certain period and that you just can claim to receive the coveted first bill. Moreover, even the amount of this bill will depend on the quality of farming and the time spent on it. We emphasize this for the reason that just collecting cookies is the most boring part of farming and takes the most time, and many users are trying to simply speed it up without paying attention to it. So be patient, because that's the job of the person who does the warming - time after time to let Google know that you are a real user who can be given a certain credit.

But there is also the option to buy cookies, which just might help you speed up the process a bit. We pay attention to the fact that it is exactly to speed up, but not to replace it completely, because quite a lot of routine actions you will still have to do yourself. You should understand that the manual generation of cookies is directly related to the process of farming itself, because in fact most of the warming up of Google ads accounts process is the farming of cookies. In case you decide to speed up this process, it will directly affect the percentage of successfully farmed accounts, so our recommendation is to do everything manually, controlling every step. Below we will also describe how this process will work, but if you do decide to buy cookie files, you will have to add some more money to the initial budget and also to understand how to correctly add these cookies to the antidetect browser. Let's take the Dolphin browser as an example, you can do this in it.

  1. Open the Dolphin browser, and click on the "Create profile" button.
  2. 1.png

  3. In the window that appears, you can add cookies via the file that the vendor provided to you in this window.
  4. 2.png

After you have prepared everything in advance, we can finally get to the Google ads tutorial.

The process of Google Ads account farming

To start, you need to understand a few basic principles.

First of all, farming does not happen quickly. It will take you about two weeks to complete all the necessary steps. It is important not to skip all the actions below and not to try to speed up the process of farming, because most likely it will have a detrimental effect on your accounts in the future.

Secondly, not all accounts survive successfully even after the correct farming algorithm. The average survival rate of accounts is about 50%, so you need to be ready for the fact that a lot of your work will not lead to a successful result, but this is quite normal because this is how this sphere works.

Before you start the farming process itself, you need to prepare profiles in anti-detect browsers. Proxies should be purchased by now, and the browser should also be installed. Now let's find out how to create a profile in the anti-detect browser and what you need to pay attention to:

  1. Click "Create Profile", write the name of the profile and you can also add different tags. In these fields it is recommended to write important information for you to avoid confusion in profiles, for example - IP address of the proxy, which will be added there, location, account name, or any other designations that will give you the opportunity to maintain organization in the browser.
  2. 3.png

  3. The operating system we choose is Windows if you use it, in Dolphin you can choose ready-made presets for a certain purpose, and most often Google is among them as one of the most popular purposes. Insert the proxy, choose HTTP as the connection protocol and add HTTP port, don't forget to specify your login details that you received with the proxy, in case you chose this type of authorization. In case there are no separate fields for proxy, port and authorization data in your browser, set the proxy in the following format: IP:port:login:password, or in the format indicated by your browser.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to such parameters as timezone - it should match the location of your proxy, profile language - should correspond to the language of your proxy location, WebRTC - the substitution of this parameter should be enabled. There are most likely many other parameters in your browser, we will not cover each of them in detail, we have listed the most important ones above. Since proxy and anti-detect browser detection is most often indicated by timezone or profile language mismatch parameters, you should take them into account first of all, and the rest are usually set properly by default by anti-detect browsers and do not require any special manipulations with them.

Now let's move on to the tutorial on creating Google ads accounts. We can break down the process into the so-called preparatory stage, routine farming, and binding of the payment. But for convenience, let's break down this process by day:

  • Day 1: launch the profile, and through the search enter the following query "Create e-mail". It is important to do it exactly through the search bar, so that the request looks as natural as possible, and not by directly clicking on the link.
  • Next, you need to register your email to work. Some users do not recommend using Gmail and register on less popular domains, such as Yahoo or Outlook, but according to our observation, it is not critical, you can use any. On these domains, you can also create an email, but specify it as a backup to your main Google mail, because quite often ordinary users have such a reserved address.

    Here you will also need those SMS-activation services, it is recommended to take geo-matching location of your proxy, i.e. if you have a US proxy, then the number is also recommended to be taken from the USA. After you have completed all the standard steps to create mail, we move on to the accumulation of cookies.

    On day one, you are required to visit several major services like Amazon or eBay, and register accounts there. It's important to do this through the search bar, rather than directly clicking on a link to a site. After that, you need to visit popular sites according to your geo, i.e. if your proxy is from the US, you can enter the query "most popular US sites". Your task on the first day is to visit about 15 such sites, for the initial accumulation of cookies, this will be enough, after that, you can finish with the preparation for the first day.

    Starting from the second day, we move on to the routine process of farming. It consists in performing certain actions every day, adding some more steps to this process, which are also mandatory.

  • Day 2: continue collecting cookies. It is desirable to do this through the search bar and thus closing another important point at the stage of farming - the use of Google search service. This day you need at least 5 such search queries, and it is desirable to visit about 15 sites from the rendition. Try to choose such services that will match your geo, region, or state in case you are using a US proxy.
  • Day 3: continue collecting cookies - visit different websites, and register on them, preferably with authorization via your Google account (preferably at least 15-20). Check the letters that you receive in the mail from various sites on which you registered, click on the links that are indicated in the letters, and continue to imitate the behavior of a real user with a new Google account.
  • Day 4: at this point, we can start adding to our routine the use of various Google services - spreadsheets, calendars, maps, and Google Drive. But when uploading files to Google Disk, always pay attention to the files you want to add there - they should not have been uploaded previously through another Google account, as this can also raise suspicion. Continuing to visit various sites, large marketplaces are also suitable here. You can create accounts on such services, add products to your favorites, and browse through the various tabs. You can also search for similar products through the Google search bar.
  • Day 5: we repeat the same routine actions of collecting cookies and visiting different websites, and at this stage, we can also add different thematic forums. As usual, we register on them, and begin to show activities typical for sites of this type - communicating in various threads, creating your topics, and so on. Do not do it too aggressively, because you can provoke each site to the fact that your account may be restricted, so you do not need to spam but only continue to increase activity and go deeper into the user routine.
  • Day 6: continue the routine farming, and add YouTube to it - authorized through a Google account, and you can listen to any videos just in the open tab in the background. Many arbitrageurs consider this method ineffective and that it is an optional action, but the use of YouTube service is typical for almost any user with a new account in the first week after registration, so it is desirable to watch at least a few short videos by the end of the sixth day.

On the seventh day, we finally move to the stage of creating an advertising cabinet, it is not recommended to do this before the end of the first week of farming, as it can provoke Google's algorithms to prematurely block your account. The process will be as follows:

  1. Be sure to type the query "Google ads" through the search bar, you don't want to do it manually through a link, as it looks unnatural to Google.
  2. Visit the first not advertising link from the results, click on the "Start now" button, and in the cabinet "Create an account without campaign".
  3. 4.png

  4. Then fill in all the necessary fields, pay attention to the recipient's country, time zone, and currency that coincide with the geo of your proxy.
  5. To the remaining question, we answer "No", and click "Submit".
  6. 5.png

  7. After the steps we have taken, we should receive this message, which indicates that the account has been successfully created:
  8. 6.png

  9. Then at the stage of 8-14 days, we should return to farming for some more time. All we need to do is to repeat the previous actions that were described in the first seven days. The basic principle is to do different actions every day, changing them or mixing them. Try to make this process not mechanical, because the repetition of the same actions every day will cause Google suspicion.

At this stage, after 14 days of such work, the boring and routine farming comes to an end, and we are ready to finally try to bind the payment system to our account. Recommended payment systems are constantly changing, the main thing is to choose cards in accordance with the geolocation of your proxy. If the binding was successful, it is recommended to let the account rest for a few more days, preferably at least 3 days. After that, if all the steps went smoothly, you should have a ready account with an advertising cabinet, ready to run ads.

Mistakes to avoid while warming-up Google Ads accounts

Since the process is quite individual, and as in the case of Facebook accounts you can try to customize the process, you should know what mistakes to avoid in order to complete the farming process successfully and avoid having your Google ads accounts blocked.

  • In case you are using mobile proxies, make sure that IP address rotation has taken place and that you can create a new profile. To check this, after creating a new profile you can go to any web checker such as and if you see that the IP address has changed since the last time, then you can create a new account.
  • Do not do the same actions for several days, always try to diversify the process of farming and bring something new to it, compared to the past days.
  • Fill in the information in your Google account to the maximum, do not limit yourself to only the mandatory fields. Remember that this also increases the trust factor of your account. Try to link a phone number to your account, set a secret question, and link a backup email, all this convinces the algorithms that this account isn't fake.
  • When you're ready to run your first ad, be sure to try to run a white-labeled offer, and preferably don't change the theme on your next runs.

Therefore, if you follow all the rules of farming Google ads accounts over time you will be able to bring this process to automation, at the stage of 3-5 accounts, if you follow the algorithm, farming accounts will become quite easy, you just need to spend some time every day. But always remember that the more you save on proxies, the less accounts survive, so always choose only private quality proxies for your work, and your labor will not go in vain.