How to set up a proxy in ProxyCap

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ProxyCap is a program that allows you to release any application on the Internet through a proxy, even without its support. It involves the implementation of SOCKS-identification programs. Supported by SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP proxies. It also makes it possible to specify an application connected to the network using a proxy and its conditions.

The program works on the principle of intercepting attempts to connect applications accessing the network and performing tunneling of these connections sending them through a proxy. So even the Internet applications themselves are not aware of the fact of the presence of a proxy server and does not require additional configuration.

Features of ProxyCap

Among the advantages of ProxyCap are the following:

  • rules for connecting to a proxy server separately for each application;
  • small distribution kit;
  • support for Windows Vista.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in ProxyCap

ProxyСap configuration

The convenience of ProxyCap is that it can work as a Windows service and starts when the OS boots. In addition, it supports working with multiple proxies at once. In this case, each program is assigned its own IP from the list. (For an example setup, version 3.23 is used).

Read our detailed instructions for configuring proxies in operating system Windows 7.

  1. Click on the cross next to the Ruleset. Pay attention to “Proxies” and “Rules”. In the first register proxies, in the second - the rules of their work:


  2. Go to the “Proxies” item for further settings. Click on the "New Proxy Server" button to create and prescribe a proxy:


  3. In the "New Proxy Server" window, perform the following steps: specify the type of proxy (SOCKS 4, 5, HTTP). 2 - proxy IP address (maybe a host). 3 — proxy server port. 4 - login and password (if coming with a proxy). If they are absent, click “OK”, then the proxy configuration will end. 5 - enter the login from the proxy. 6 - enter the proxy password. 7 - “OK” to save:


This completes the basic setup. Everything will work on the specified default proxy server. But there is still a rule set, where the settings for working with proxies are presented more expanded.

ProxyCap rules configuring

  1. Go to the “Rules” settings. Click on the "Quick Add Rule" button to create a new rule.


  2. Creating a new rule. Indicate the rule works through a proxy and select a proxy from the registered ones, through which the rule will work.


  3. Select all programs or a specific one that will work through the specified proxy and tick TCP, UDP and "Resolve names remotely". Then save changes by clicking "OK". Done!


Setting rules is useful when using multiple portable browsers and a sandbox at the same time. Also, you can run several identical programs on the same OS and flexibly regulate the use of proxies for different actions.


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Thank you for for this amazing app.
I want to use it to force WhatsApp desktop to connect through http injector proxy server from my android device because whatsapp desktop don't use the windows system proxy.
But this do not work. I followed all the steps you writed before