How to set up a proxy in Dreambot for OSRS

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Dreambot is a versatile tool designed for automating gameplay in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It empowers players to enjoy unhindered access to their favorite games and new releases while maintaining online anonymity. In this article, we offer comprehensive instructions on configuring a proxy in the Miner Bot.

Step-by-step setup in Runescape Dreambot

  1. Upon launching the application, navigate to the bottom section dedicated to configuring an HTTP proxy for RuneScape. To begin, click on “No Proxy Selected”.


  2. Within this subsection, locate “Edit Proxies”. This action will open a window displaying all active proxy files. Click the “Add New Proxy” button to provide the necessary data for your proxy setup.


  3. The system will automatically generate a new proxy, which you should manually edit. In the respective fields, input your proxy's name, the IP address or domain name of your proxy server, and the port for connecting to the proxy. If your proxy requires authorization, enter the relevant credentials.


  4. After entering the proxy details, it's advisable to test the connection in RuneScape. To do so, close the window and return to the main screen with proxy settings. Click on "No Proxy Selected", then choose your proxy, e.g., “Test,” and launch it.


  5. Upon successful verification, click the “Launch Client” button to activate the OSRS proxy and commence your farming activities.


You are now fully prepared to run Old School RuneScape through Dreambot OSRS using your configured proxy. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can successfully set up a proxy in Dreambot OSRS for Old School RuneScape, ensuring a more secure and anonymous gaming experience on the internet.