Step-by-step proxy setting tutorial in Ghost AIO Sneaker Bot

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The Ghost AIO SNKRS Bot is a tool that resellers and sneaker collectors use to buy limited-edition shoes. The program allows you to do this automatically: it visits websites, searches for a model in the catalog, and places an order in a few seconds.

But there are also disadvantages to the system: branded sites know about such bots and actively block them. For the Ghost AIO Sneaker Bot to work efficiently and without the risk of being blocked, you need to configure a proxy. Then you will be able to:

  • Buy a large number of sneakers at the same time;
  • Change your IP address;
  • Do not be afraid of blocking: sites will see the bot as a regular buyer, not a program.

Below we will figure out how to set up a proxy in Ghost SNKRS Bot.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in Ghost AIO Sneaker Bot

Proxy settings in Ghost Sneaker Bot

  1. Run the program and click on the "Settings" tab or the gear in the upper right corner.
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  3. In the "Accounts" field, enter the Email and Password for your account separated by a colon. In the "Proxies" field, also enter the IP address, PORT, Username, and Password of the proxy, separated by a colon.
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  5. Click on the "Save" button. Congratulations, you have enabled a proxy server for Ghost Sneaker Bot.
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  7. Let's talk about another proxy feature in Ghost AIO Sneaker Bot: Go back to the "Create Tasks" tab.
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  9. You can check the box next to "Task-specific proxy" and enter the proxy IP address for the specific task.
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Proxy check

  1. Go to the "Tester" tab.
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  3. Select "Proxy" mode.
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  5. In the field, enter the IP address of your proxy and click "Test".
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  7. In the next window you will see the results. If the proxy is operating successfully, then a green inscription will appear next to it. If this proxy is already on the "blacklists" of sites or has a bad connection, or is just mistakenly configured, it will have a red "Bad" sign next to it. It is better not to use such a server because you risk being blocked.
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What proxies are better to choose for Ghost AIO Sneaker Bot?

We have told you how to set up and test a proxy. But what server is better to choose? Ghost Bot is not a cheap program at all. To prevent your money from being wasted, you need to use a high-quality reliable proxy that will protect your account from blocking. You should not use cheap or free proxies - they will do more harm than good.

Mobile proxies are the best option for buying sneakers. The mobile operator provides a variety of IP addresses that the security system will identify as ordinary Internet users. Enjoy the shopping!