What are proxies for bookmakers used for

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Our days, access to the most popular bookmakers through Russian IP addresses is blocked. A similar situation with other CIS countries. But what to do when you want to place a bid, but there is no access to the site? Take advantage of the proxy!

Types of proxies for bookmakers: features and comparison

All proxies for bookmakers can be divided into 4 types:

  • Paid private - sent only to a buyer, guarantee complete anonymity.
  • Free - IP addresses that are freely available. If only one person uses private, then thousands of people use free ones. Quickly "fly off", have a low connection speed.
  • Batch paid - they differ from private ones in that several people use them, but they are cheaper.
  • Mobile - IP addresses of the mobile operator. You are offered not one address, but a whole pool of addresses that change periodically. Mobile proxies are considered the most reliable and allow you to perform a large number of scheduled tasks.

Free proxies are not suitable for comfortable work with bookmakers. Most of them are not anonymous and do not hide the real IP address, so you risk being blocked. In addition, most often free proxies are already on the blacklist, so their use can only do harm.

To make the right choice, you have to understand the free and paid proxies difference.

Why do you need proxies for bookmakers

Most bookmakers have a security service responsible for finding site violators. Therefore, if you go to any tricks in order to bet and win, then clearing cookies, changing your browser will not solve the problem. But proxies will help you, using them you can:

  • place a matched bets;
  • register 2 or more accounts;
  • make multiple bets on one event;
  • visit the site and place bets even if access to the account is limited;
  • receive additional bonuses on new accounts.

Recommendations for using proxies for bookmakers

For the proxy to really work and be effective, you should use it in this way:

  1. For 1 account, you need to use 1 IP-address, to avoid suspicion attention of the administration.
  2. Bypassing the block of the betting site, the HTTPS protocol is required, which means that the proxy must support SSL encryption.
  3. Do not use free proxies for bets, as they will quickly break off. If you want a reliable option, choose mobile or private IP addresses.

If you still have questions, please contact our specialists and they will help you to choose the perfect proxy for your purposes.