What is Fingerprint, how to check and change it

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Fingerprint is data collected about a remote device for use to further identify this device and user.

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How Fingerprint Works

Build Fingerprint is done in two ways, hidden and active.

Hidden Request

This method provides for a hidden request made to the client machine, which allows you to accurately classify the following parameters:

  • TCP/IP configuration.
  • Information about the operating system.
  • Network settings.
  • Exact time up to milliseconds.

Active fingerprint

This method allows you to obtain more accurate information, and to do this with the permission of the user, although he himself may not know that he gave such permission. Code is installed on the user device and runs automatically (for example, JavaScript). In addition to accessing the data specified in the case of a hidden request, he gets access to the serial numbers of the equipment, which are unique, the MAC address, and other unique information, making it important to consider antivirus and other cybersecurity measures to safeguard your device from potential threats.

How Fingerprint is used

The technology was developed as an algorithm that allows collecting data for identification in order to combat fraudsters. The fact is that most sites collect a lot of information about users who visit them without their notification, on the basis of which profiling is performed. If this profile contains real data such as phone number, surname, first name, patronymic or real address, then this makes it possible to fully identify the person and add it to the appropriate database. Different databases contain different information, hobbies, preferences, target desired products and much more. Often such databases of fingerprints are combined for more accurate identification. This information is then resold to marketing companies who use it for their own purposes. A particular risk is that it can be exploited by criminals for illegal actions. Unfortunately, most users cannot prohibit the collection of such information and protect themselves.

How to check Fingerprint

At this point in time, it is quite easy to check what information a fingerprint gives about you and your device. You can use online services such as Fingerprint Central or Am I Unique, which will show you exactly which fingerprints about the web browser and operating system certain websites can receive.

How to replace Fingerprint

There are several easy ways to spoof system and browser fingerprints. You can use a browser extension or special antidetect browsers. VPN services and private proxy servers also actively oppose the collection of information.

Web extensions

When the collection of information about the user reached a critical moment and even lawsuits went on, all popular browsers began to develop special extensions that allow users to keep the anonymity of user fingerprints while browsing the web. You can find them in extension stores, for example, for Chrome, you can use Canvas Blocker - Fingerprint Protect or Canvas Fingerprint Defender.

Antidetect browsers

Specially designed web browsers for anonymous browsing and multi accounting. They use special algorithms for protecting and spoofing digital fingerprints, which allow them to hide the real information about the user, providing a new one every time in a random way. Among the popular ANTBrowser, MultiLogin, Indigo Browser, Linken Sphere, Ghost Browser, you can find many others on the net.


Using this option, when accessing websites, their algorithms will receive information about the private virtual network, and not about the end user. In addition, all transmitted data is securely encrypted, protecting the user's real fingerprints.

Proxy servers

Private proxies have a very high level of anonymity and protection of personal data. Algorithms of websites cannot obtain your digital fingerprint because the intermediary server does not transmit such information about you to the landing page.


Algorithms for Build Fingerprint are being improved every year. The more protection measures, the more new identification methods. Recently, there are more and more projects that specialize in identifying a user by a behavioral profile (social engineering), which sites he visits, how often, what information he is interested in, and so on. If anonymity and security on the network is not an empty space for you, then you should use one of the above methods, but you should also remember that excessive measures can also cause you to be identified. Therefore, you should weigh all the approaches and methods and choose the best and safest.