7 Alternative torrent trackers for Cpasbien

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Cpasbien is a famous French torrent tracker, the popularity of which has spread to many other countries of the world, due to its convenience and the presence of a huge amount of diverse content (movies, series, music, games, programs and books). Unfortunately, struggles between governments, ISPs, and other anti-piracy organizations have resulted in Cpasbien being closed to the vast majority.

Having succumbed to persecution, the torrent tracker had to delete most of its content and although you can still find some new items there, Cpasbien no longer works as usual, which means you have to look for alternative options for downloading content, which we will tell you about later.

Cpasbien alternatives

Since Cpasbien closes and opens with a small amount of content, you have to use other resources. We bring to your attention the top 7 torrent trackers of 2021, where you can easily find the latest movies, as well as the latest episodes of your favorite series, popular games, programs, books and much more.


RuTracker.org is one of the largest torrent trackers in the world and the largest on the Runet. There are more than 30 million registered users and their number is constantly growing. Despite the constant struggle of copyright holders and states with this website, you will always find fresh releases in sufficient quantities for every taste. The distribution of this tracker is distinguished by a large number of seeds and peers, which allows you to download even large files (for example, games) in a matter of hours, the speed is limited by your bandwidth. As befits a torrent tracker of this level, Rutracker.org is blocked by Roskomnadzor, but high-quality proxy servers will easily help you bypass the ban, using which you will again get access to an ocean of different types of data (movies, music, games, programs, etc.).


This torrent tracker does not require registration to download, which is very convenient. All his distributions are rich in the number of seeds and peers, which allowed him to gain quite huge popularity and constantly attract new users. This website quite often responds to complaints from copyright holders and some content may disappear after it appears, but another of the same type quickly finds its place. In the wake of the fight against piracy, Rutorg.org was also blocked by Roskomnadzor. For access on the territory of Russia, it provides a fast-tor.net mirror, if it does not work, we recommend using private proxies, with them you will get full access without any restrictions.


This torrent tracker was created for TV series, or rather releases of their new series. This site is worth using if you are looking for new episodes in professional voice acting, which is given special attention here. On the site you will find all popular TV series in excellent quality before other places. In addition to the above, you can get acquainted with the latest novelties of the world of cinema and the schedules for the release of new episodes, as well as discuss them on the forum.


This torrent tracker is in the form of a forum, a source of new products that are hard to find on other sites due to the tough opposition of copyright holders. The site is susceptible to constant attacks from states and various organizations, Internet providers are doing everything possible to block it. Despite this, here you will always find the latest news from the world of cinema, cracked software and popular paid games for nothing. Due to its one hundred percent pirate activity, this torrent tracker is often blocked and inaccessible, so you should not count on full work without high-quality proxy servers.


This is not just another torrent tracker, but a whole torrent portal that combines distributions, forums and news blogs on various topics. Here you can find the latest movies in any convenient quality, TV shows, music, games for PCs and consoles, software for different operating systems without the need to activate, and even books. There are always a lot of people on the distribution, so the download is done pretty quickly.


Slippers is a game torrent tracker, here you will find the latest novelties in this direction. All content is very well sorted into categories and genres, it is very easy and simple to find the game you want. The project is quite young and therefore has not yet managed to acquire enemies in the person of the state, providers and copyright holders. Recently, movies, music and software, as well as books have been found here. In addition, there is an offline activation store. Pre-registration is required to make downloads.


A major torrent tracker for the distribution of movies and TV series. On the site, you can easily find new films or the latest episodes of TV series. All distributions have a lot of seeds and peers, despite the fact that registration is required to download. If there is no access to the main domain, the tracker offers a mirror kinozal.me, also you can use private proxies to bypass it.

Summing up

In the overwhelming majority of cases, torrent trackers provide content that violates copyright, therefore, various anti-piracy organizations and states through providers try to limit access to them as much as possible. Despite the fact that such sites have many mirrors, sometimes the only way to access the distribution is to use a quality proxy server. You may ask, what about VPN? The fact is that, unlike VPNs, private proxy servers have high-speed connection channels. Torrent trackers were conceived as an effective tool to quickly download a movie, game or software, and that means speed matters. In addition, elite proxies support multi-threading, on the basis of which all torrent applications work, and therefore are maximally compatible with this type of software.