How does a proxy server improves the speed channel connection to the Internet?

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First, it occurs due to two factors:

  • The proxy server is near to you by geo - than most other sites with which you work (for example, if we are talking about western sites, it is recommended to use USA proxy, it is better to use a proxy server that is located nearby to your city);
  • The proxy server has a powerful communication channel (dedicated network or optical fiber) and a large pool (the highest exchange data rate with Internet).

In this case, the acceleration occurs due to the fact that:

  • Between you and the proxy server, the highest data transfer rate allowed by your equipment (due to the fact that the proxy server is near to you by geo) is set: if you use a modem - the exchange rate will be the maximum that is allowed for your communication line; How proxy configuration on your computer or browser can help to speed up Internet connection
  • The proxy server uses a higher connection speed (due to a powerful channel) with web sites than you do;
  • Transferring data over a network, the total data exchange rate cannot exceed the minimum exchange rate between intermediate computers, then you will have the same connection speed with USA servers (for example, Craigslist) and with Russian ones! And this speed will be almost equal to the speed of the exchange between you and the proxy server!

Second point - the acceleration of communication with the Internet is due to the caching of information. Caching is essentially the same as the cache in your browser (where temporary files are stored), but it is much more efficient due to the fact that:

  • Cache size, it is not megabytes, and not even tens of megabytes - gigabytes;
  • This cache is used not only by you, but also by dozens (hundreds and thousands) of other users. Imagine a situation: the latest information appeared on the news server. The first user turned to the proxy with the request to load the news. Proxy server has downloaded the news itself, passed it to the user, and saved it in its cache. After that, you make the same action. The proxy server detects this news in its cache, and sends it to you immediately, without downloading it from the news server (and without wasting too much time on it). Thus, you get a noticeable gain using individual proxy servers.

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How to configure proxies on Safari for macOS instructions.

Some features of private proxies

Some features of private proxies

  • It improves data transfer rate;
  • Security and privacy. Anonymous proxies hide the information about your computer at the time of request. Thus, you can safely browse the web, and your information will never be used by hackers or spammers;
  • Sometimes you can face some problems while accessing any web page. In this case, you can use an anonymous proxy and try to access it again - it will work perfectly.

Also, read the instructions on how can you verify that your IP has been changed.

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