Changing currency and region in the Steam Store using a proxy

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Steam is one of the largest platforms for buying computer games. It can be accessed via a web browser or through its desktop client. The platform offers a variety of features for gamers, including the ability to purchase games, chat with other users, utilize “Steam Workshop” for creating and sharing game mods and add-ons, and “Steam Broadcasting” to live stream gaming sessions. However, sometimes content or specific functionalities may be restricted based on the user's geographic location. To bypass these restrictions, it may be necessary to use a proxy to change your IP address and access Steam fully.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in Steam

Why use a proxy in Steam

The Steam Store game store varies for users from different regions: the price for the same games may differ, depending on where the user buying it is located. In addition, some content may not be available at all in certain countries due to factors such as:

  • the game does not comply with the laws of the country or its cultural characteristics;
  • high costs of localizing a game for a certain region, including translations and voice acting;
  • commercial factors, such as the low market potential of the region;
  • licenses or copyrights that restrict the distribution of the game in certain countries;
  • geopolitical conflicts.

The platform determines the user's region by his IP address. In such cases, users are forced to look for ways to obtain this or that game by circumventing the rules. Using a proxy to bypass regional restrictions is one way out of this situation. The main advantages of using a proxy:

  • makes it possible to change the currency of your Steam wallet by choosing a cheap region and buy games at a better price;
  • changing the region through a proxy opens access to games that are not released for the user’s country;
  • allows you to get early access to games if their release is scheduled in another country earlier than in the player’s real region.

It is important to note that setting up a proxy to change the currency also requires the use of a payment method that allows you to pay in the currency of the country that the user has configured. Therefore, in order to change the currency on Steam, for example, to euros or dollars, you must have a card with a dollar or euro account. Given the impact of proxies on the prices and availability of games, it is important to choose the region where the cost of content is cheaper. Next, we'll look at how to make proxy settings to change the region and currency on Steam.

Setting up a proxy for Steam

The Steam client and its web version lack built-in functionality for setting up a proxy. To avoid potential errors when using proxy servers, it's advisable to access Steam via its web version, having first configured a proxy in your browser. One of the easiest methods for changing your IP address in a browser involves using an extension. Here are the steps to install a proxy using the “SwitchyOmega” extension:

  1. Install the extension and click on its icon. In the settings menu, select “proxy”.


  2. In the new window, enter the IP address and port from the proxy, and also select the protocol type.


  3. For proxies requiring authorization, enter your username and password by clicking the lock icon next to the “Port” field.


  4. Confirm the settings by clicking the “Apply changes” button.


When using a proxy on Steam, it's crucial to choose the right type to ensure the security of your account. It is recommended to opt for private ISP proxy servers to minimize the risk of blocks and CAPTCHAs when logging into your account.

In addition to using the extension to configure a proxy, you can use the system configuration, Proxifier, or use the Firefox browser, which has built-in options for changing the IP address.

Changing region in Steam Store

After setting up the proxy, the user has the opportunity to change the region of their Steam account by following these instructions:

  1. Activate the proxy and make sure it works by checking online; the IP address should match what you configured.


  2. Log in to your account, select the game you like, and go to the cart. A drop-down menu will appear in the window with the cost of the game. Select the country whose proxy you configured.


  3. Confirm the region change in the window that appears.


  4. The change of region, currency, and, accordingly, the price in the Steam store will happen automatically.


In the future, after logging into the Steam client, users will be able to change their country of residence in the same way, since the store settings are synchronized.