What are proxies for Facebook used for

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Facebook is not just a social network for communicating with friends and colleagues, it is also a real income tool for entrepreneurs. If you plan to quickly and easily increase income, then proxies for Facebook will help in this. You can freely promote your business, bypass any blocks from the administration of the social network.

Facebook proxy use methods

The main purpose of the proxy for Facebook is to bypass restrictions and blocks due to increased activity from one account or several at the same time.

SMM managers who are engaged in the promotion of accounts on social networks know that one cannot do without purchasing a proxy for Facebook. To quickly achieve the goal of promotion, you need to work with several accounts at the same time, but the Facebook administration carefully “tracks” for profiles working using these methods. If you suspect by a suspicious activity coming from one IP, then the profile will be immediately blocked. Facebook proxies hide the user's current location, so your main IP will be safe. Proxies are used for programs to promote profiles, they allow to:

  • Anonymously visit Facebook, and visit the profiles that have added you to the blacklist.
  • Increase page rank using special programs.
  • Protect personal data from fraudulent activities.
  • Chat with a large number of users.
  • Send out invitations to events and meetings through special bots.
  • Promote communities.
  • Grow likes up and comments through special programs.
  • Register a large number of Facebook accounts for farm.

Before purchasing a proxy for Facebook, you should make sure that the programs that you will use to promote are reliable and safe. Don’t you agree, it’s unpleasant to be in a situation where hackers intercepted your username and password from a social network. It will take a long time to restore your account if you can recover it at all.

Facebook Proxy Guidelines

It’s best to follow the following proxy rules for Facebook:

  1. It is recommended to work according to this scheme: 1 account = 1 proxy. Several profiles on the same IP address may cause suspicion to the administration of the social network, and each time it tracks more carefully the work of third-party programs.
  2. Proxies like IPv6 are characterized by higher speed, but for Facebook, it is better to purchase personal IPv4, this protocol supports the social network.
  3. Support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 for Facebook, and as Instagram has been bought, it does not really matter, they are supported by default.
  4. The purchased proxy must match the geolocation: if you have registered an account in Russia, then buy proxies of Russia so that the network administration does not suspect fraud.

We will help you to get a high-quality private proxy with which you can easily grow up your business on Facebook.