How to check proxies. Proxy check for validity and speed

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Proxies are primarily chosen to ensure the anonymity of online activities. Such servers are used by companies as well as individually. Their indisputable advantages are in protecting data when browsing the Internet, saving traffic, and preventing network attacks.

It is important to configure the proxy server correctly and use it correctly. It is also useful to check its validity and speed from time to time. Server performance depends on many factors. Purchased high-quality proxies are a guarantee that they will work much longer than free ones. With free, you will get more problems than with the paid servers, which will allow you to work without freezes and blocks.

Check the proxy server for validity

For successful operation, the proxy suitability (in other words, validity) should be monitored regularly. If you work with several servers at the same time, as well as for a long time, it is important to learn how to check the proxy for functionality.

Validity is checked in two ways: program checkers and online ones. They help identify issues related to server health. Both of these methods solve the task well but have no advantages over each other.

The user chooses the most convenient for himself. But when there is a need to test the server ASAP, you should focus on online checkers.

Testing on the Internet is carried out on special sites. They make it easy to check if you have many servers. Entering a search engine proxy checker online, you will find many such services. It is optimal when the proxy checking program is installed on the computer. The list of programs that will help verify the validity is quite wide (Proxy Checker, Proxy Gear, Proxyfire Master Suite Pro, and others). You can choose any proxy checker, depends on work preferences.

Need a proxy server working not only on browser but for all network connections? Configure proxies through the Proxifier program.

The Proxy speed check

Proxy speed is an important factor in comfortable work on the Internet. It depends on whether the server is open or closed. The speed of open servers is slowed down because they are used by a large number of people. With closed, the situation is different, they are used by a limited number of people who paid for access, and most often issued individually.

Many proxy validation programs also measure their speed. There are also special sites for verification. Before starting the process, the service will ask you to enter the proxy data. Enter the IP-address, port and click check. It does not take much time.

Using the proxy speed check service is important for those users who prefer comfortable work at normal speed. The regularity of the testing procedure will allow faster and safer to carry out the necessary manipulations on the Internet and save a lot of time.


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