Step-by-step proxy setup in the SEnuke SEO

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What is SEnuke? SEnuke is a program created to automate search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Its primary objective is to assist in the promotion of websites by generating and distributing content to various online platforms in order to acquire backlinks. SEnuke SEO includes a number of tools and features, including:

  • Task automation. SEnuke operates in areas such as content marketing, link building, website promotion and search engine optimization, keyword selection, content adaptation on social networks, and more.
  • Content creation. The SEO tool can automatically generate content, including articles and videos, for use on websites, blogs, and social media groups. In addition, SEnuke can categorize content by type and distribute it to various web resources.
  • Analytics and Monitoring. The program provides tools for tracking the results of an SEO campaign, including metrics such as search engine rankings, number of backlinks, and other indicators.

SEnuke offers several different subscription plans with varying features. You can get started for just $97 a month, and there's even a $1 demo version you can try out for a week.

Using SEO automation can lead to issues with search engines if rules and restrictions are not followed. Google and other search engines penalize websites for using unwanted promotion methods, which can result in lower rankings or even site blocking. If you decide to start using the software, it can only be downloaded on a Windows OS, and there is no support for the Russian language.

How to set up a proxy in the SEnuke app

Proxies for SEnuke are needed to anonymize internet traffic and bypass restrictions that may be imposed by internet service providers or specific web resources.

  1. Launch the SEnuke program on your computer. In the top menu, select the "Options" icon and click on it.


  2. Next, go to the "Proxies" tab and sequentially toggle "Use Proxies" and select "Custom Proxies". Then, click the "Add New Proxy" button to create a new proxy setting.


  3. When you initially launch the program, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password in the designated fields. This step is necessary to authenticate and synchronize data with the proxy provider. You won't need to change this information later on.


  4. Manual proxy configuration in SEnuke is rarely necessary since the program works with a large number of servers. Users usually import lists of proxies from specialized websites. If you already have a list, click on the "Add Proxy List" button.


  5. After downloading information from a website, it's important to test it. Click on "Test Proxies", and once the test is complete, click "Save" to retain your proxy settings.


The proxy configuration for the SEO automation program has been completed. When creating or editing tasks in SEnuke, you can now select a proxy from the list. This allows you to test advertising campaigns across different regions and levels, improving your analytical base and accelerating website promotion.