How to Configure Proxy Settings in Charles

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Charles is a software with a modern proxy server support with a convenient control panel. The application can analyze network traffic, control the information sent, identify errors and allows you to crack internet games. Charles primary purpose is to scan network data.

Due to many tools, this tool can be used by webmasters, program developers, and server administrators. Below we will discuss in detail how to configure Charles proxy.

What is the proxy setting for Charles?

The main function of the application is the service as a proxy server. It supports ports for HTTP and SOCKS. The selection is made in auto mode. But when the ports are busy, the user can switch to manual mode. When working in a system of several people, a dynamic port comes to the rescue. The next time it starts, it automatically identifies a suitable port.

The program has the function of SSL Decrypting. It is turned on by default. However, if the user wants to receive the encrypted information, he can disable this function.

The application automatically configures the browsers in its list. But users are allowed to reconfigure the proxy connection. It is also possible to disable (at startup) auto-tuning through the Proxy menu.

If you want the web proxy for Charles to ignore some servers, you can add them to the list stored in the browser and OS. As soon as the address is added to the list, the proxy is disabled for it.

SOCKS proxy

Starting with version 3.1, the utility has support for SOCKS proxies. True, the browser automatically uses HTTP. To change this default status, you must:

  1. On the panel, go to the Proxies section.
  2. Open its settings.
  3. Go to the SOCKS settings.
  4. Click on the SOCKS proxy.

After these operations, the browser will start using SOCKS by default.

In conclusion, we will say that when using Charles HTTP proxies there will be different restrictions, which will reduce the speed of working with sites. This can be avoided by replacing HTTP for SOCKS. The proxy will not be taken into account, so the performance will not change. Therefore, Charles supports both protocols.