Step-by-step proxy setting in FollowAdder Instagram bot

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FollowAdder is a popular software for automatically promoting your accounts on the Instagram social network. With it, you can easily and quickly increase the number of subscribers and likes to your content, and promote your products and services on a high productive level.

How to use FollowAdder

Many users ask: will the account be banned for using FollowAdder? If you are going to boost several Instagram profiles simultaneously, then for safe work and minimizing the risks of catching a ban, you will need high-quality proxies for FollowAdder. We recommend using mobile proxies for FollowAdder, which can be purchased at The provided IP addresses have high-speed communication channels and guarantee high anonymity and reliable data protection.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in Instagram bot FollowAdder

How to set up a FollowAdder proxy

In FollowAdder, proxy servers are assigned to each account separately. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. In the main horizontal menu, click on the “Accounts” button and click on the name of the Instagram profile to which you are adding a proxy.
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  3. Using the vertical menu located on the left side of the program window, go to the “Settings” category, and check the box next to the “Use proxies for connecting to Instagram” value in the proxy settings block. Then, in the fields below, enter the IP address, port, and if you need the authorization to use it, then the username and password.
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  5. In order for the specified account to connect through the added proxy server, reload FollowAdder.

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