Setting up a proxy in Epic Games to change the region

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Configuring a proxy in the Epic Games Launcher to switch regions offers a valuable solution for players seeking access to diverse offers, upcoming games, and limited releases from around the world. With a proxy server in Epic Games, gamers can effortlessly bypass regional restrictions, all without the need for complex software or specialized equipment. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on utilizing a proxy in Epic Games on both Mac and Windows OS to alter your geographic location, unlocking access to computer games, the best prices, and promotions within the Epic Games store.

Step-by-step setup for Epic Games

  1. Begin by downloading the Epic Games launcher from the official website and launching it on your computer. Then, navigate to the application settings.


  2. Locate the “Use proxy” subsection and activate it by checking the box. Enter the proxy server address and port in the respective fields. Please note that only private proxies with IP authorization are supported, as username and password authorization is not available.


  3. Save your changes and restart the launcher. Now, proceed to change the region and currency on the gaming platform to eliminate regional restrictions. To do this, access the “Account” section in your profile menu.


  4. In the new window, scroll down to the “Address” section and choose the country associated with the proxy you've acquired from the drop-down menu.


  5. Save your changes and restart the launcher once more.


Changing the region in Epic Games and restarting the application is sufficient to trigger the currency change. This allows you to purchase games at more favorable prices upon their release and enjoy an unrestricted gaming experience.