How can I verify that my IP has been changed?

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Each computer is assigned with an ip address so that the computer can receive packets with information. The computer has settings in which the ip address can be written, as well as there are utilities where this address is required.

What is ip address for?

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you begin by asking what the address is around. A computer connected to a local network that is assigned by an IP address so only packets that have been addressed to it could be reached by this computer. Since the computer is easier to work with numbers, the ip address is a number consisting of 4 or 6 groups of numbers separated by dots.

Find out the address of your computer

The numbers themselves can be from 0 to 255. In general, we get the following example:, where the ip address of the ip4 version consists of 4 groups of numbers. Internet ip addresses are assigned to the computer by the provider that is connected to the Internet, and on the local network, the ip address can be written in the network card settings by the administrator.

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Find out the address of your computer

  • If you want to find out the ip address of the computer that is connected to the local network, then in Windows 7 you need to click on Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / View network status and tasks / Change adapter settings
  • Then you will be in a window in which you may have several devices you must select Local Area Connection and hover the mouse over the icon, press the right mouse button, then select Properties.
  • On the Network tab, you should select Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and click the Properties button.
  • On the General tab, you will see the ip address of your network card.
  • In Windows XP, Start / Settings / Network Connections / Local Area Connection.
  • Do you know what to choose? Personal IPv4 or Mobile 3G, 4G, LTE proxies?

What is ip address for?

Find out the address of the computer on the Internet

  • Click Start and in the search Find programs and files type cmd and run the utility. In the cmd window, type ipconfig and press Enter, immediately receiving the data in which we need to find the ip address.

    If you have a usb modem, then there will be two ip addresses in the list, one of which is Ethernet, this is the address of the network card.

    The usb modem address will be in the PPP Internet Adapter section.

  • If you want to use a simpler way to find out your IP address, which the provider assigned to you when you connect to the Internet, you can go to the

    You will immediately see a lot of information about your computer, including the operating system, browser and ip address of course.

    We remind you that you should check your new IP-addresses only after full proxy settings are done. If you are unable to configure a proxy by your own - you can find an article on how to configure certain program or browser on our website, or contact the support service of our company.

Find out the address of the computer on the Internet