For what are proxy chains used for?

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Proxy chain, how does it work?

HTTPS, SOCKS and CGI proxies can be combined in chains where a certain number of proxy servers are connected in the chain and used to increase the level of anonymity of a particular user.

Chains are created by the user. To make such a chain you need special software. A chain can consist of either one type of proxy or different. Each type has its own way of creating a chain, the most complex is HTTP, and the simplest is CGI.

It is important to remember that if at least one proxy in the chain ceases to work, the entire system ceases to function.

Proxy chain model

Chain of HTTP(S) proxies

Creating such a chain has a number of problems, the main of which is the use of special programs. To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  • create a virtual tunnel;
  • use it to go through to the final web site.

To implement the entire process, HTTP must necessarily support a similar protocol.

SOCKS proxy chains

From SOCKS proxies, you can create chains of various lengths. To build them you also need to use special programs, since ordinary ones can work only with one SOCKS proxy server.

The most popular programs for building chains HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies are ProxyChain, SocksChain, HTTPort.

CGI Proxy Chain

Creating a chain from CGI is very easy. To do this, follow a series of recommendations:

  • in one CGI proxy, type the URL of another;
  • press Go.

Subsequent anonymizers can be used in the same way. In the last proxy chain, type the URL of the necessary site and go to it. Chaining CGI occurs without the use of programs.

Chaining different types of proxies

For such a union, proxies in the chain must be in a certain order. Without this condition, subsequent work will be impossible.

Creating chains is possible:

  • SOCKS proxy - HTTPS proxy - CGI proxy;
  • SOCKS proxy - HTTPS proxy;
  • HTTPS proxy - SOCKS proxy;
  • SOCKS proxy - CGI proxy;
  • HTTPS proxy - CGI proxy;
  • HTTPS proxy - SOCKS proxy - CGI proxy.

Chaining is not allowed:

  • CGI proxy - SOCKS proxy;
  • CGI proxy - HTTP proxy.

In terms of anonymity and increased speed, it is enough to use a chain of two proxies. Data through them will go sequentially