Setting up a proxy in the Undetectable browser

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The Undetectable browser is an anti-detection browser designed to protect user data and hide digital fingerprints. It enables the creation of isolated profiles, modification of browser fingerprints, and utilization of proxy servers. Undetectable offers private browsing without saving browsing history, cookies, or cache, and allows for network settings management. This anti-detection browser is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Key features of the Undetectable browser include:

  • Generates a distinct fingerprint for each profile;
  • Allows the creation and management of multiple browser profiles for efficient multi-accounting;
  • Supports the installation of extensions from the Chrome Web Store;
  • Enables the import, export, and management of cookies for different profiles;
  • Provides an API for automating profile management tasks;
  • Supports operating with private proxies.

The Undetectable browser is ideal for users who require confidentiality while managing multiple accounts on social networks, conducting traffic arbitration, performing pricing analytics, and collecting data. To enhance online security, Undetectable offers the ability to configure a private proxy.

Step-by-step proxy setup in the Undetectable browser

Undetectable supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxies. Users can manually add a proxy server or import a list. To add an IP-address to a new browser profile, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the browser and click the “New Profile” button to create a profile.


  2. In the settings window, set a name for your profile and, if needed, adjust fingerprint parameters such as OS, browser version, User Agent, language, and screen resolution.


  3. Proceed to the next tab for the main proxy settings.


  4. Choose the connection protocol and enter the proxy in one of the suggested formats, such as “ip:port:username:password”. Enter the username and password for private proxies with authorization. Click “Create” to finish the setup.


  5. The newly created profile with the configured IP will appear in the “Profiles” tab.


  6. Click the start button to open a new browser window.


The proxy setup in the Undetectable browser is now complete, and data tunneling occurs through the configured IP-address. The profile is ready for use and will help users bypass detection systems, as the traffic is encrypted.