Setting up a proxy in the Tun2Tap app

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Tun2TAP is an Android application that enables the use of a Socks5 server as a VPN. It allows users to encrypt their traffic through the server, concealing their IP address and enabling access to blocked websites and applications. Tun2TAP creates a virtual network interface on the Android device, directing traffic through a proxy server. Additionally, the app supports redirecting UDP traffic using badvpn, which mainly works with TCP.

Key advantages of Tun2TAP include:

  • Wide compatibility with different Socks5 servers;
  • Option to route all traffic or only specific applications through the proxy;
  • Compatibility with IPv6 networks;
  • Ability to run in the background without interrupting other processes.

Configuring the proxy in Tun2TAP allows users to circumvent censorship and access content restricted in certain regions. The application also provides options to customize DNS servers and other network settings. It's crucial to understand that Tun2TAP is not a traditional VPN service, as it does not have its own servers. Instead, it relies on a user-configured Socks5 server to establish the VPN connection. Therefore, setting up a proxy is necessary for Tun2TAP to function properly.

Step-by-step proxy setup in the Tun2Tap app

Using the Tun2TAP network settings, configuring proxy servers on Android is straightforward and secure. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up a proxy in the application:

  1. Download and open the Tun2TAP application on your Android device. Input the IP-address and port as demonstrated in the screenshot below.


  2. For a private proxy, tap on the “Authentication Settings” checkbox, activate the “Enable Authentication” option, and then enter your username and password.


  3. If you need to redirect UDP traffic using badvpn, select the “UDP Settings” checkbox and adjust the required parameters.


  4. Tap on the “CONNECT” button to complete the proxy server configuration.


  5. The system will request permission to connect. Tap “OK” to initiate the proxy server connection in Tun2TAP.


The proxy server setup in the Tun2TAP application is now complete. Data tunneling on Android is conducted through the configured IP address, enabling confidential access to blocked web resources, circumventing restrictions, and minimizing the risk of being tracked by security systems.


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