Ping reducing in WoW and Lineage 2 with proxies

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Often, proxies for World of Warcraft or Lineage II allow you to automate gameplay (botting) when the main IP of the game is blocked, but you can also reduce ping in games with the proxy. We will explain how this works and what type of proxies to choose to reduce ping in this article.

What does ping in World of Warcraft or Lineage II depend on?

The response time (ping) in the game depends on a number of factors:

  1. Connection speed - the higher, the faster the data will be transmitted to the server, which means there will be no delays and lags.
  2. Channel load - sometimes one user can exceed the channel capacity, and then the rest of the system will freeze.
  3. The quality of the server equipment - this parameter can be affected by weather, traffic congestion, large cable length, which contributes to the loss of data packet.

For ping to be minimal, data packets should be transmitted quickly. Proxy servers will help with this situation. Directing traffic to the proxy server the only user to the route to the Lineage or WOW server is you, and not the provider. Ping to the proxy server can be checked as follows: Start - Run - cmd - Ok. In the window that appears, enter ping IP address and press enter.

What type of proxies is better to buy for WoW or Lineage 2

Proxies for World of Warcraft and Lineage II can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Paid private - belong to only one user throughout the entire rental period, they are anonymous and work stably without lags and freezes. The only con is that you have to pay for them.
  2. Free - proxies that are in the public domain due to which a large number of people use them. Free proxies are not reliable and not protected, they are characterized by low connection speed. The main plus - they are free.
  3. Batch - paid proxies that are used by several people, their reliability - 50/50. The connection is not as fast as in private ones.

The best option for World of Warcraft and Lineage II will be private (individual) paid proxies. Such a type of proxy servers work stably and there is the possibility of choosing a country and a proxy region. It is worthwhile to understand that playing / botting on European servers from Ukraine or Russia, ping will be great. Purchasing a proxy in the same country as the server - ping will be less.

Proxy Guidelines for World of Warcraft, Lineage II

Choosing proxies for games, keep in mind that:

  1. It is recommended to work according to the scheme: 1 character = 1 proxy.
  2. Despite the fact that IPv6 proxies are faster, they are not supported by all services, therefore it is better to buy IPv4 proxies for World of Warcraft and Lineage II.
  3. Support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols is not particularly important, they are supported by default.
  4. You should buy a proxy of the country in which you plan to play: playing from Ukraine, buy a Ukrainian proxy.

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