Step-by-step proxy setting tutorial in Balko Sneaker Bot

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Balko Sneaker Bot is a system that helps you make automatic quick purchases of sneakers in online stores. Very often, there is fierce competition for limited models, and only with bots is it possible to be one of the first to buy as many pairs as possible. But many branded sites are actively fighting such bots and blocking them. To prevent this from happening, use a proxy! It will hide your IP address and sneaker websites won't be able to recognize you as a bot. So you can automate the purchase of sneakers and not be afraid to get into the block.

Below we will explain how to set up and use a proxy in Balko Sneaker Bot.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in Balko Sneaker Bot

Step-by-step tutorial for setting up a proxy in Balko Sneaker Bot

  1. Launch the program and click on the "Proxies" tab.
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  3. Click on the plus at the bottom, next to the inscription "Proxy Group".
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  5. In the window that opens, enter any proxy group name, then click "Create".
  6. You can create as many proxy groups as you want for different purposes. For example, one group for one site.


  7. Click on the "Add Proxies" button.
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  9. Enter manually or paste the IP address of your proxy server, then click on the "Add Proxies" buttons.
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  11. Done! You have configured a proxy for Balko Sneaker Bot. To delete a proxy or an entire group, click on the "Delete" or "Delete Group" buttons.
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What proxies are better to choose for Balko Bot?

The best option for sneaker bots is mobile 4G/LTE proxies. They are associated with the mobile operator and have access to all IP addresses associated with that operator. The addresses will change every 5-15 minutes, so online stores will not see the main IP address, but your mobile operator. This will make it possible to make several purchases on the Internet at different sites at once.

Choose high-quality reliable proxies for sneaker hunting to protect yourself and your bot from blocking. Have a nice shopping!