Port scanner online

Checking open ports is necessary to determine the level of protection of a PC from attacks by network scammers. If the ports are open, then the risk of malware infection or remote access to the computer increases. In this case, the probability of leakage of the user's private information increases. To avoid negative scenarios, it is necessary to check the ports for accessibility from outside.

Paste my IP address

Check results:

If the result is «Host seems down», then the firewall or router of the target is checked and the IP is blocking pings

What ports are checked:

Scroll the table. There is a scroll down
Number Port Protocol Description
1 109 POP
2 110 POP3
3 115 Simple FTP
4 118 SQL Services
5 119 NNTP
6 123 NTP
7 137 NetBIOS
8 138 NetBIOS
9 139 NetBIOS
10 143 IMAP
11 161 SNMP
12 179 BGP
13 194 IRC
14 1112 mSQL — Mini-SQL Server
15 1194 OpenVPN
16 1433 msSQL-Server
17 1434 msSQL-Monitor
18 1702 L2TP
19 1723 PPTP
20 10000 NDMP

You can solve this task with the help of a special online service from Proxy-Seller. Our online port scanner will help you check port availability for free. If testing shows that they are open, then for security reasons it is recommended to close them.

Using an online port scanner

To check the openness of PC access to the outside world, you can use our online service. You can check the port not only on your computer but even on someone else's or any site. You only need to enter certain data, after which you will almost instantly receive the results of the check.

How to check if ports are open, 6 easy steps:

  1. Connect to the network directly. Otherwise, online port checking will refer to the Wi-Fi router.
  2. Scroll this web page to the port scanner's working panel.
  3. Enter IP address or domain.
  4. From the drop-down list, select the required type of ports that needs to be scanned: "Popular" or "Hidden".
  5. Click the "Scan" button.
  6. Repeat the test 2-3 more times for greater accuracy.

Checking the port for availability will be quick. The whole process will take up to 20 seconds.

The online port scanner will show a list with port numbers, protocols, and test results: "Open" or "Closed". All the information received can be downloaded with one click. The test results are available for download in .txt and .csv formats.

The benefits of port scanning

The scanner will show the status of the computer's ports:

  1. Closed. If the port scan showed that they are closed, then you cannot connect to them through the server. Therefore, the information on the computer is protected. In this case, you should not be afraid of hackers and attacks from online scammers.
  2. Open. If you need the opposite, so that inaccessible ports are open, then you need to change the settings of the software or network connection. To do this, you can also check the availability of required rights to the desired software.

If the scanner shows that the port you are interested in is open, then this indicates its vulnerability to connections from intruders through a remote server. To change the situation, you need to check the working services that have access to the Internet. Maybe they use a port to connect to the network.

Checking the port through an online scanner from Proxy-Seller will give you the most accurate results. Having such information allows learning more about your current level of Internet security to prevent all sorts of online sources of danger.