Setting up a proxy in the Frigate browser extension

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Frigate is an extension designed to configure and manage proxy servers in browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. This extension allows you to bind a specific proxy to a specific website, which is particularly useful if you need to operate different IP addresses within the same browser. Frigate supports the Socks5 connection protocol and allows the use of private proxies with authorization.

How to set up a proxy in Frigate Proxy Helper

Let's look at the setup process using the Opera browser:

  1. Launch the Opera browser and go to the extension settings.


  2. Enable developer mode, as the extension will only work if this option is activated.


  3. Visit the official website of the extension and click on the version of the extension for the Opera browser.


  4. Since Frigate is not downloaded from the extension store, it will be blocked by default. Navigate to the extension settings to install it manually.


  5. In the new window, click “Install” and confirm the action again.


  6. You will be redirected to a site where you must accept the terms of use.


Installation of the extension is complete. Next, we will consider the process of setting up a proxy.

  1. In the extensions window, find Frigate and expand the additional menu. Click on “Options”.


  2. In the new window, locate the “Proxy settings” section. Check the “Socks5” checkbox and enter the proxy details in the format “IP-address:port:username:password”. Then click “add your proxy”.


  3. Open a new browser tab and click on the Frigate icon in the extensions window to activate the configured proxy server.


Your proxy setup is now complete. To disable the proxy, simply click on the Frigate extension icon again. This setup allows for convenient switching, enabling you to quickly change IP addresses as needed while working in the browser.