How to configure proxies for Tamilrockers

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Tamilrockers is a typical movie torrent tracker. In some countries it is blocked, access without technical tricks is impossible. Unblock access will help proxies for Tamilrockers, located in countries where the resource is not blocked.

For convenience, it is recommended to use the SwitchyOmega plugin. This is a convenient switch that allows you to configure proxy access only for certain sites. The plugin is free, it is available for almost all browsers. In our case, it will be Google Chrome. You can also use any browsers on the Chromium engine.

How to unblock Tamilrockers

The first step is to download and install the SwitchyOmega plugin. It has an English-language interface.

First, add a proxy for Tamilrockers:

  1. Click on the installed plug-in with the mouse and select the "Options" item;
  2. Go to the "Proxy" section, select the type of proxy, specify the IP address and port number. If necessary, click on the lock icon - the fields for entering the login and password will open (for proxies with authorization).
  3. Click "Apply changes" to add the data.

Adding a proxy is completed.

Proxy Testing for Tamilrockers

Now you need to check the health of the proxy. Use any suitable service for this - for example, Select proxy access in the plugin, go to the service website, check the IP address - it should match what is specified in the settings.

Select proxy access in the plugin, go to the service website, check the IP address

Next, try to unblock Tamilrockers in an automatic switching mode. The tracker will open through a proxy, all other sites - directly. Follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Open the plugin settings and go to the "Auto switch" section;
  2. Create a switching rule - specify the address of the TamilRockers.Net tracker, select a connection through a proxy;
  3. Save the rule for inclusion in the work.

The rule is ready - now it remains to check the proxy functionality for Tamilrockers by going to the tracker domain specified in the settings. To do this, you must switch the plug-in to the "auto-switch" mode.

Switch the plug-in to the «auto-switch» mode

We open the site - redirects to the tracker mirror. A one will appear on the plugin`s label, marking the operation of the established rule. If the mirror is not available (it may change), add a new rule with the address of the mirror to the plugin settings.

Use individual proxies for Tamilrockers to access. They will provide high data transfer rates with minimal ping.