Easy guide to matched betting with proxy-servers

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Have you ever heard about Matched Betting? Matched Betting is an action plan, the general point is to bet on both scenarios. The bookmaker gives an opportunity to make the first bet with a bonus balance without any investments. So you might be interested in the issue: "How to bet without a chance to lose and have a guarantee to win?". In this article, let's look at what other media do not tell you.

What should you do to matched betting?

Find the betting platform.

This means that you should find a bookmaker that suits your purpose. The main thing: The bookmaker has to give money to bet-match as a sign-up bonus.

matched betting

No-risk Matched Betting

Here we'll talk about the main thing of the topic, cause other media services do not share with such information. You have to make two accounts or four/six, etc. So in any case, it is paired numbers. And many of the clients already know that the registration ties to the account owner IP.

So if there will be two or more accounts for the one person - the owner will be banned as soon as possible. People are using built-in VPN of Opera, Google Chrome, or simply free VPN or free proxy-servers - but that's the reason why you will get banned soon. Day by day, more and more users are searching for this type of anonymization. But this won't help in this situation.

Because there are already someone has registered an account on this IP - banned inevitably.

To deal with this, you should get the individual elite proxy servers. Many people that have read such articles of matched betting should say: "I know that I should not use the elite proxy servers" - wrong. At least our proxy servers are 100% hides your main IP, and it is not detectable. Only you are the user, and the speed channel is more than you have ever tried. Proxy-Seller.com guarantees you lack of a ban.

Other media services make you think like this, cause the main aim is to sell its product, like software that making everything for you - there is no safety. But many of our clients are using individual proxies with no problems. Media blogs, tell us why?

To make the right choice, you have to understand the VPN and free proxy-servers difference.

Accounts Creation and Betting

As we already know - you should create one account with one proxy-server. Then, you will have a bonus balance to make one bet. Place your bet from the first account (you should be using a proxy server, which was used while registration this account) to win on a certain match and the logic is simple, place the second bet from the second account to the lose of the team. And that's all - it is safe and has no risk if done properly.

Accounts should be created at different bookmakers. For example, 2 accounts for BET365 and 2 for 1XBet (in case if these bookmakers give you an opportunity to place a bet via registration bonus). This scheme was created in order to get as many benefits as possible from a single bet.

So, you should find such bookmakers as many as you can. Even more, at the previous example of BET365 and 1XBet, each of the bookies can give you a different, but quite similar rates to a certain match. If you have some kind of block by your provider to these online bookmakers - a proxy for BET365, 1XBET and others can be purchased at our service. So there are no barriers at all.

Placing matched bets is easy with software. Especially if the program itself offers the most profitable bets. Let’s take a look at BetSys or BetConstruct. These programs take all the confusion and make it very simple. Many of the browser extensions are developed to do the same principle.

Also, such a scheme can be used in cybersport. It works to bet on any of the possible games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch and many others. It depends only on you and your choice of bookmakers.

Accounts Creation and Betting

Be Safe, Place and Win. Follow the steps from above.

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