Bug and errors fixes on our web-site

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Dear friends, partners and customers!

We did a lot of work on eliminating errors on the part of our site, which, among the other things, you have informed us directly.

The main fixes of user interaction with our web resource are:

  • Bugfix of the order form on the main page;
  • Fixed errors of Qiwi, Yandex Money payment systems;
  • Checking for the uniqueness of e-mail address (plus format) and username wherever needed (registration and personal account);
  • All form errors in the LC are fixed: operation logic, text errors, tooltips, style bugs (including adaptive)

    List of forms:

    - Change form of the profile (checking for uniqueness of e-mail address and username, password changing);
    - Method of authorization (the ability to copy);
    - Your affiliate link (checking for uniqueness and the correct format, prefix when changing);
    - My profile (checking for uniqueness of e-mail address and username, password change form, adding/changing wallets form).
  • The affiliate link system has been redone:
    - Only one unique link for the user now(? partner);
    - Added support for the operation of old links (we have left for users on one last unique link ?parther and ?buyer);
    - In the Advertising materials (CP), a code bug with a link has been fixed.

Furthermore. Our team is constantly working on a convenient and trouble-free interaction with our site and not a single request/problem will be ignored without attention.

Thank you for being with us!

We also remind you when you find any problems on the site: bugs, "uncomfortable" - you can safely contact our support via online chat, telegram, skype or e-mail.

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