Setting up a proxy in the PVACreator program for mass registration of accounts

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What is a PVA account

A PVA email account is a profile created with a phone number and email verification, which can later be used to regain access and control.

PVACreator is a software that automatically creates accounts for popular sites (search engines, social networks, forums) in bulk.

PVA software works in multi-threaded mode on the principle of multi-accounting, so it requires high-quality proxy servers. Mobile 4G proxies with rotation are best suited for such purposes, they will provide the maximum level of anonymity and data protection.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in PVACreator program for mass registration of accounts

Proxy servers for PVACreator

The PVACreator bulk email account register has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to add proxies.

PVACreator proxy settings

  1. Run the application and in the main menu located at the top of the window, click on Proxy.
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  3. In the window that opens, click on Import to load a text file with a list of proxy servers, where each is a new line. Specify the path to the file and add it to the program.
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  5. After adding, from the drop-down list, select the types of connection protocols for each proxy, having previously selected the required one.
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  7. In the same way, set up digital fingerprints by clicking on Bind FingerPrint. Clear all checkboxes, click on Bind Fingerprint and click on OK.
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  9. After setting up fingerprints, save the added proxies by clicking on Save.
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  11. Next, add a new campaign or open an already created one, using the wizard, go to the proxy stage and link them to it by clicking Bind Proxy. After that, complete all the following steps of setting up the wizard by clicking on the Next buttons.
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