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Now you don't have to sort out on how to set up a contextual advertisement: this is automatic advertisement small business solution, it creates and optimizes announcements of different types, which are going to show up in Google, Google Maps and liable sites pages. Such service not that big as AdWords, but to start business movement with it is minimal costs and time waste, such a profitable thing.
Basis work in AdWords Express is really simple:
  1. You have to create an account on the service.
  2. Create an announcement with description of your services in two minutes.
  3. Setting up an monthly budget (more details on step two and three you can find out in manual instruction for beginners on official site).
  4. People are seeing your ads in Google and segue to the site.
  5. Traffic will be increasing, just as a clients base.

Using Chrome? Get more benefits by connecting it with proxies. Learn how to set up a proxy server in Google Chrome.

Even if you don't own a site, Google will offer to create it's mini-version with the help of My business service. It is going to look like:
Seeing an announcement, potential clients can also call in your organization. Advertisement payment being charged only for direct transitions on your site (clicks) and calls. There is one more plus of such service, it is an opportunity to monitor organization in mobile app.
AdWords Express is a great platform for beginner employers. In closest future you will be able to reach next level - professional one with Google AdWords.

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