How to set up a proxy in Internet Explorer

Step-by-step instruction how to manually set up the proxy in Internet Explorer using the data from the network administrator.


How to setup a proxy for Windows 8.1

Instruction for those who encountered difficulties when configuring the proxy on computers with installed Windows 8.1 operating system.


How to setup Proxy for Google Chrome

Step-by-step instructions on how to manually configure Google Chrome. We will tell you how to clear cookies and cache for complete anonymity of the device.


How to setup Proxy in Opera browser

Features of Opera browser setting and step-by-step instruction. Quick and easy cleaning of cookies and cache of the Opera's browser.


Proxy settings through Proxifier

Setting up Proxifier proxy program to ensure safe network operation. Step-by-step instruction on setting up.


Proxy settings in Firefox

How to configure the proxy in Mozilla browser in in less time without much effort. Step-by-step instruction.


Setup a proxy for Safari and MAC OS

Quick and easy proxy configuration for Safari on MAC OS without any effort.


What is a proxy server?

You probably have met the word "proxy server", but always thought it was for admins and other techies. Sounds to tricky. In fact, a proxy is a very useful thing for an ordinary person that is easy to start using. Now we will tell you about the proxy in pure language


Can a proxy help to bypass the network firewall?

How to use private proxies to bypass the network firewall. If you have been blocked by a network firewall, you can use a proxy server to check if you can bypass it and gain access to the needed website


Public, shared or free proxy. What is this?

The main differences, features and advantages between public, shared and free proxy. Which proxies are the best?


How can I verify that my IP has been changed?

Today we will examine the question of where to find the ip address on the computer, to know for sure that the number we have found is the ip address


How does a proxy server improves the speed channel connection to the Internet?

How a proxy configuration on your computer or browser can help to speed up Internet connection


What is the difference between VPN and proxy?

The use of VPN services and proxy servers has become common thing among modern users. With its help, people retain anonymity while visiting sites and using programs, work with multi-accounts, and also bypass territorial restrictions of access to sites


What does IP and port of proxy-server means?

When a person surfing the Internet, in most situations, proxy servers are used to be protected and anonymous. And this is the first safety condition.


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Android Pistachio - new OS from Google

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Which data does Facebook muster

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