Why do I need proxies for IPTV

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UDP proxy converts IPTV UDP multicast traffic to TCP unicast. This allows you to more comfortably view IPTV using Wi-Fi on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and even game consoles. Below we discuss how to set up proxy for IPTV.

This program has 2 main purposes:

  • transmit IPTV to the middle of a small local area network based on a non-server version of Windows;
  • constantly transmit IPTV over Wi-Fi in the form of HTTP-traffic.

Do you know what to choose: paid or free proxies?

Configure UDP-to-HTTP Proxies for IPTV on Windows

The essence of the configuration is to specify the IP interface of the UDP multicast and the HTTP server interface. If the Android device and the computer are on the same network, the address will be the same and equal to the IP address of the PC.

  1. Go to the UDP-to-HTTP Proxy settings. Open the HTTP-Server Interface list, find the IP address of the computer (it should be the last in the list):

    Go to the settings. Open the «HTTP-Server Interface» list, find the IP address of the computer

  2. Press the «Start» button:

    Press the «Start» button

Setting up UDP proxy for IPTV on Android

Follow these steps to set up proxy for IPTV:

  1. In the IPTV application, open menu, then the «Settings». Click «UDP proxy settings»:


  2. Enter the IP of the PC with UDP-to-HTTP Proxy already running, enter the port number. Select the type of proxy «UDP-to-HTTP Proxy (Windows)»; and press the «OK» button to save the settings:


After all the recommendations given in the instructions for setting up proxy for IPTV, you can proceed to play TV online on Android.