New instagram tool

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Now every single user will be able to see his daily time, which was spent on Instagram. User will control his day with time limit being determined. Also there will be tag to control all Instagram notifications, so the app will not be disturbing you, for example, to turn off likes. Also new button was seen to be tested, which are opening you navigation slide menu by your profile.
New tool from Instagram Time Well Spent
Likely developers will not step far ahead and app will not get blocked or get faded to gray patterns when the limit will be attainmented. More likely it will be remembering you about it's rule every 15 minutes. Instagram have already pushed it's users to the healthy use showing notifications, that you have scrolled all latest news feeds and that you should stop constantly scrolling it down.
Instagram developers understand that their app is one of the most popular app in the world. However, it is still easy to overuse it. People getting envious seeing their friends highlighting best moments, beatiful models with perfect bodies, and so much more to let these people feel themselves in a bad way. Because there is not a lot of text messages, or participation calls, there is also a big chance of scrolling down latest news feed passively. This one menacing us with such things like being less educated, dissipated or depressed. Instagram developers feel liability for such things and they want to take a role model, of such usefull update.
Fingers crossed, that we will not wait for this update ages. For now we can offer you fastest proxy for Instagram on

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