Android Pistachio - new OS from Google

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As we know previous versions had been food named, this one will not be an exception. Earlier name was announced as Android P, that is why majority of people thought, that the name of it will be Android Panda Pops, Poached Pears  or Pistachio Ice Cream. Freshly Huawei's employee has revealed to us the name of incoming version in a massage to a user. It will be named as Android Pistachio.

Android Pistachio - new OS from Google
The new version is expected to:
  • Updated Home launcher, notifications and settings
  • Supported devices "notch"
  • Improved several cameras support
  • New navigation system with the help of home button on the screen (which is really similar to IPhone X)
  • Actions forecast
  • Google Lens integrated in camera app, able to identify speech, tasks and other stuff.
And what is the most important - better battery time running. Dave Berk told us about promising  results: engineers team have noticed app shrinking, which is waking up processor on 30%, thanks to AI-enhanced technology.

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