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Frequently asked questions:

What authorization methods are available for IPv6 proxies?

Our IPv6 proxies can be authorized through either username/password authentication or by using a static main IP.

How long does it take to receive proxy details after payment?

Your proxy details will be sent to you via email and displayed in your personal account as soon as your payment is confirmed.

How do I set up an IPv6 proxy?

Setting up an IPv6 proxy is similar to setting up an IPv4 proxy. We provide the proxy in a standard format, and the output is a different address. For more information on how to configure your proxy, please refer to our blog."

What are the websites or services that work with IPv6 proxies?

Currently, only a limited number of websites and services are compatible with IPv6 proxies. Some of the primary sites that support them include Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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On our site you can buy individual IPv6 proxies at affordable for each price. It is enough only to choose the appropriate tariff, pay for the goods and wait for the letter to the e-mail address!

Even the most reliable and checked equipment breaks. Knowing this, our company within 24 hours will replace the "fallen" proxy or return money to the client. Thus, we disprove the stereotype: "I'm not so rich as to buy cheap things!", Offering the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Proxy-Seller has existed for more than 7 years, which means that we have passed the test of time, and not every business resource can to do it. Having spent a lot of time and effort, today we are ready to offer proxy servers in the best data centers of Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany and other countries.

Our proxies work with HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5 protocols with a speed of up to 1 Gbps. Technical support 24/7/365 will help to solve any difficulty in setting up or operating your purchased proxy.

IPv6 protocol - what is it?

IPv6 addressing protocol was developed to replace the usual IPv4, when IPv4 has exhausted its quantitative and functional capabilities. Without going into technical details, IPv6 is:

  • 128 bits in the address;
  • architecture of addressing the future;
  • an almost infinite number of network entities;
  • cheaper proxy than Ipv4.

How and what for you can use IPv6?

First of all, you need to understand: IPv6 is a completely different addressing architecture. There are not this many sites working by that protocol. Therefore,you should start your work with the search engine, so you do not often face with the 502 Bad Gateway error. This recall of the resource means that the browser, with requested information from the Web site, received an invalid response from it or the DNS server.

Almost with 100% chance, this site does not support the new address protocol. With the IPv6 proxy, your search engines will be Google and Yandex. Of the usual resources, this is YouTube and Facebook. Who has already managed to acquire an account in Instagram or Telegram, IPv6 will work without any problems with it.

Advantages of an individual IPv6 proxy

They are obvious. The most important plus - proxy servers IPv6 is cheaper than its analogues of the usual 32-bit addressing. The next advantage is the use of proxies without "neighbors". With an individual proxy server, your personal computer becomes a sharpened tool for solving any problems!