Proxy settings in Firefox

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To ensure the security and anonymity of surfing in the Internet, not only the proxy server will help , but also you have to ensure your history has been cleaned up. You have to do it before you start the setup. In the top menu of the browser on the right side, click on the icon which is called "Library", and click to the "Journal". After that, the "Delete history" function will become available, which will open a new window.

Proxy settings in Firefox

In the list which is called "Deleting the entire history", select "All". Then open the tab called "Details". Here you have to mark the lines with the cache, cookies, and all other necessary information and then you have to click on the "Delete now" icon.

How to clear history in Firefox

After you have finished this operation, you can go to server configurations. Here you need to do few simple steps: go to the menu item called "Settings" in the browser menu  and scroll down to the bottom until you see "Proxy Server". Click the "Configure" button.

Proxy server settings in Mozilla Firefox

If the proxy server of Ukraine or any other country works exclusively with HTTP and HTTPS (SSL), you need to do the following: in the options window you have to select manual configuration, and then you have to un mark "Use for all protocols" box and fill in the first three lines with data about addresses and ports, leaving the last line empty. Close the window by pressing "OK".

If only SOCKS is supported you have to: in the parameters choose the manual setting option, unmark "Use for all protocols" and fill in the last line with address and port data, leaving three previous ones empty. After the termination of all described actions browser will begin anonymous and safe work with application of the proxy-server.

The next actions completely depend on which protocols are supported on the server you are using. If he supporting each of the available protocols or you do not know which one does he supports, you should do the next actions:

  • In a new window called "Connection settings" you have to mark the manual option and fill out the address and port.
  • Than you have to choose "Use for all protocols" and finish the operation by pressing "OK".
Setting up a proxy server in Mozilla Firefox

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