What is a proxy server?

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Have you heard about the cool music service Spotify? Millions of tracks, very clever system of recommendations and so on. Would you like to start using it? Then try to visit the Spotify site. Oops! The service is not available in your country, and it is not the one service. Many European and American services and online stores with high-quality goods at affordable prices do not work in many countries.

How do websites really know in which country you are from? It's simple. Requesting to any resource, you inevitably send to it a lot of information about yourself, including location data. If your country is not one of those that is supported, then you are politely thrown. This was demonstrated to you by Spotify.

Now imagine that in some other country where Spotify works, there is a special intermediary server to which you can connect and access sites through it. In this case, Spotify will assume that it is not you who are trying to access it from Russia, for example, but that server from the country in which it works will open access to you. Such a server is called a proxy. Tens of thousands proxy servers work in almost all countries of the world.

Why use a proxy?

The First reason

The proxy server allows you to change the location and bypass restrictions on access to sites and services.

Why use a proxy?

The Second one

Replacing the location, the proxy server simultaneously hides your true location. Sites can not find out where the proxy sends the information. Accordingly, your other data, including the IP address, remains known only to the proxy server.

To find out who used the proxy, you need to contact the server administrator. The administrator will transfer data only by a local court. If the server is in another country, then in order to obtain information you will have to start a very complicated interstate bureaucratic procedure. Now imagine that there were several proxy servers, all in different countries and the connection took place sequentially through each of them. To start looking for you seriously, you need to break the law. In no case can this be done, but it is the use of a proxy that allows cybercriminals to remain incognito.

We do not in any way call for committing illegal actions on the Internet, but simply explain the principle of the proxy. The expression "behind seven proxy" appeared not just and implies the highest level of security, only in this case it is not about material values, but about you.

The Third one

Many companies practice restricting employee access to certain sites. Most often, they include social networks and entertainment resources. In such cases, the proxy also helps. Blocking occurs at the site address, but with the help of a proxy, you will not enter the site directly. Accordingly, for the access restriction tool used by the administrator, you will not visit the FaceBook site, but just some resource, access to which, of course, is allowed.

What is a proxy server and why is it needed?

We will not talk about more specific tasks that are solved by using a proxy. Experts already know everything about the proxy, and the average user is probably plagued by another question: “Where can I get a proxy server?”.

Where to get proxy server?

That's where the controversy begins. We could say that we should look for free public proxies on the Internet, but we will not, because this is not the best idea.

Free proxy, of course, free. You can collect your list of servers for all occasions, including anonymous and fairly fast, without a dollar, but this is quite lucky.

It is true that you still spend the time, and more than once, because free proxies live a little. If the server is good and in demand, it will become paid and you will have to look for a replacement for it. Long-playing proxies are usually lousy in quality and speed, but they will also close as soon as it possible.

Why would anyone pay for server work and keep a free proxy for others? We do not believe in karma and altruism. The idea of ​​a proxy is based on the fact that you unconditionally trust the owner of the server. Do you trust a good uncle who you don't even know, but who for some reason gives you a proxy for free?

In general, if free proxies were really acceptable to everyone, then the paid counterparts would be unclaimed and closed. But companies are not closed, but on the contrary, new service providers are opening.

Paid proxies are very cheap even compared to penny VPNs, but they offer the user all the advantages of the “I'm paying you, so make it work as it should.”

You pay money to the service provider and it is entitled to demand the proper quality, assistance and support, which is very important for a newbie. The supplier, in turn, is interested in providing the best in terms of price and quality, otherwise you will stop paying him.

Where to get proxy server?

Proxy-Seller offers you:

  • Tariffs for any needs and budgets, a lot of supported countries, as well as money-back is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the quality(but only in the first 24 hours).
  • Very smart and intelligent support. Check it by yourself. Chat appears in the corner. Write something there, and you will be answered in less a minute. If something is not clear, they suggest. If something is wrong with the service, they will resolve the issue. Selection of packages? - Will also help.
  • Stable quality. Servers are always available, speed does not sink. The Internet works the same way as with a regular connection, the difference is not noticeable. For the average user, this is the most important.

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