How to set up friGate with elite proxies

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Frigate - is an extension for your browser to manage, change and use your proxy servers as fast as possible. It encrypts traffic to the site, compresses and optimizes all the data. Let’s take a look at how to set it up.

  1. After downloading an extension in your upper right corner the icon of friGate will appear. Right-click on the icon and press the “Options” button.

  2. The control panel appears. “Proxy settings” field and you can see there an option to choose the “PROXY” and “SOCKS” - these buttons mean “HTTPS” and “SOCKS5” protocols - choose the required for you. We would recommend using the HTTPS (PROXY) protocol.


  3. You should enter the data of your proxy server and press “add your proxy”. If you have purchased elite proxy servers from Proxy-Seller, then this information can be found in the control panel or in order submission mail. Data format entering is IP:PORT - we recommend to use the only IP authenticated proxy servers to work with friGate.

  4. After this, be sure that friGate is working correctly. Let’s enter the website to check the IP changes.

Everything is working perfectly. That’s all, you can use it now!

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