How to set up a proxy for AIOBot

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AIOBot - is a bot to cop sneakers and even more. Cop Offwhites, Js, Bapes, Funkos & More. One of the fastest bots for copping. Let’s take a look at the settings.

  1. Open your application and press on the “PROXIES” tab and at the bottom press on the “ADD NEW PROXY LIST”.

  2. In the newly opened window enter the list name - it can be any name you want. Choose “Normal Proxies” from the drop-down field. Enter the proxy servers in a format IP:PORT:LOGIN:PASSWORD. We recommend using Elite proxy servers from Proxy-Seller. Such data can be found in the order submission mail after the purchase. After this, choose the required sites to work with proxies.

Note: Always use the number of proxies equal to tasks.

  1. After filling the fields press the “Save” button.

  2. Now, you will see your proxy list, the number of proxies in the list, assigned websites, status - enabled or disabled, type of the list and the action tab.

  3. In the “Actions” tab you have 4 buttons: enable, disable, edit, delete and test proxies.

That’s it, the configuration is done properly. But remember one more thing: if you have only 2 proxies, but you want to run only 1 task - you need to add 1 normal proxy and 1 monitor proxy.

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