Proxy-Seller terms of use

Using our proxy is prohibited for:

  1. Spam (not only by mail, but also on forums, blogs, websites) and any other actions that may affect the IP address ban (, StopForumSpam, etc.).
  2. The spread of malware (Trojans, miners, viruses of various types, etc.)
  3. Search "vulnerability" or sites hacking 
  4. Bruteforcing
  5. Distribution of foreign intellectual property without the knowledge of the copyright holder (video and audio files, software, games, etc.)
  6. Creating phishing sites
  7. Downloading materials via torrent clients (uTorrent, BitLord, etc.)
  8. Other illegal actions
  9. Internet fraud

Proxies will be disabled without a refund of money if you will violate the terms of use!

We do not cooperate with clients whose websites and / or forums are:

  1. Intentionally mislead visitors
  2. They spread or promote the creation and use of malicious software (it could be miners, cheats for games, Trojans, viruses, etc.) or pirated copies of intellectual property (games, movies, music, etc.)
  3. Spread pornographic or offensive content
  4. Are political: propaganda, etc.

Using an affiliate program, there are some prohibited actions:

  1. It is forbidden to buy at your own referral link, if this violation is detected - the partner loses the opportunity to get paid, all the funds (even if they were made earlier, without fraudulent interference)