Setup a proxy for Safari and MAC OS

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In order to perform this operation on your Mac device, you need to open the Safari browser and take a few simple steps. In the Safari web browser, you need to open the settings window. To open such window, click on Safari at the top menu of the browser and select the Preferences field in the list that appears.

Then open the Advanced item. At the bottom of the window you will find the Change settings next to Proxies. Click on it to open the Network pane.

In a new window, fill in the required fields. The address and port of the server that you have selected and purchased. If you can’t edit the input field, click Cancel and then click on the lock icon. Click on the OK button to complete the settings.

If the chosen server requires a username and password, go to Safari and enter any website and then you will see a system pop-up window for entering this data.

Unlike in situation with username and password, if your proxy server authorization is tied to a main IP address, then nothing else will be required, and you can freely access the Internet with the proxy server.

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