Return policy

This Return Policy describes the practices of PROXY-SELLER and its affiliates (hereinafter — “PROXY-SELLER” "we", "our" or "us") on how, when, and under what conditions the Customer can return purchased Services. This Return Policy is integral to the Public offer (Agreement).

All terms in this Return Policy are used in the meaning used in the Public offer.

  1. You can subscribe to PROXY-SELLER Services on a period basis. After signing up for the Services you may choose a payment method. The Customer shall make payment for Services under this Agreement based on 100% prepayment.
  2. The Customer may cancel their account and claim a full refund (excluding any fees) in 14-days period in the following cases:
    • the inoperability of the proxy you purchased and the inability to replace it with another;
    • the inability to connect to IP (subject to contact our support and confirmation of this from the Technical Specialist);
    • lack of the necessary IP location;
    • lack of IP for your chosen purpose of use;
    • IP purchasing for a purpose prohibited by the terms of use on our website
  3. As a rule, in the case of purchasing a PROXY-SELLER week product, you have no right to claim a refund after the period of 3 days from the purchase has passed. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases, we will consider a refund beyond the such 3-days period, at our sole discretion, if you can demonstrate that the Services you purchased were not available or usable and that you made reasonable attempts to contact us regarding this issue.
  4. A partial refund is possible in deduction to the cost of the lease term that was used.
  5. To claim a refund, please send an email from the email address to which the Customer created the account in the service with the reason for filing a refund and a full number of a bank card or other means of payment from which the Customer paid for the Services.
  6. Refunds are generally processed within 1 days and are made to the original form of payment used for purchase. All refunds are sent in the original currency of the initial purchase and only to the same bank card or other means of payment with which the Services was paid. In case of payment in cryptocurrency, the refund will be made in the same cryptocurrency at the exchange rate for the period of refund (also excluding any fees).
  7. Refunds are made net of all costs for receiving, processing and returning the payment.
  8. The Customer also may claim a replacement of Service/product in the following cases:
    1. At the time of receiving IP addresses, one or more addresses were unworkable for use, within a day (commonly immediately after the support contact), from the moment we receive a request, we will replace it with workable IP addresses or eliminate the cause of their interoperability.
    2. If problems happen immediately at the time of operation (except for the inability to connect to a proxy) - the IP address(es) cannot be replaced.
    3. At the request of the client, we can replace the region or city, deduction to the difference in price.
  9. We guarantee performance precisely for the purposes that you indicated when buying a proxy, so if you purchased a proxy, for example, for Telegram and it is absolutely functional and does not work on Instagram, this is not a reason for a replacement.
  10. If the Agreement as a whole is terminated, you will not be able to access your Personal Account and there will be no valid PROXY-SELLER Services to use. Upon termination of this Agreement, we will terminate all licenses granted herein and you will no longer have access to PROXY-SELLER Services.
  11. Our Customers' satisfaction with our Services is our primary goal. We would like to help our Customers resolve their issues successfully before processing the refund request. Therefore, our Customers are always welcome to reach out to Us at