How to set up FoxyProxy. Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Video guide for setting up a proxy inFoxyProxy

What is FoxyProxy? FoxyProxy is an extension for browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, simplifies configuring browsers to access proxy-servers. offering unique features to the user. Let’s find out how to set up FoxyProxy.

  1. After downloading the extension on your upper right corner of the browser “Fox” icon appears. Click on it and press the “Options” button.

    Click on FoxyProxy icon and press the «Options» button

  2. In the newly opened window press the “Add New Proxy” button.

    Press the «Add New Proxy» button

  3. Enter the required data of the proxy server, if you haven’t purchased one - we recommend to use IPv4 elite proxy servers. If you want to use Socks5 protocol, then you have to put a tick at the “SOCKS proxy?” box. If you have bought the proxy server with the login and password authentication method, then you have to put a tick at the “Save Login Credentials” and enter the data such as Username and Password two times. Such information can be found in the control panel or in the order submission if you have bought the proxy from Proxy-Seller.

    Enter the required data of the proxy server

  4. Press the “Save” button. The final setting window should look like ours:

    Press the «Save» button

  5. After this, be sure your extension is working correctly. Let’s enter the website to check the IP changes.

    Enter the website to check the IP changes

The configuration is finished! If you faced any problems - check the settings tutorial once again and pay attention to the authentication of the proxy server!